How should Christians react to Mormons that are firm in their belief?


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I live in a predominant Mormon population in Northeast Arizona. There is a temple and no less than a dozen "stakes", or churches within fifteen minutes driving time from where I live. The Mormon presence is apparent and well established here. Even city government is affected by the LDS influence.

I have had many "elders" come to my door and am frequented by their attempts to convert my Christian viewpoint to Mormonism. I admire their zeal for their beliefs and respect their right to witness for their convictions, however, I can not be a party to that which is un-supported by God's written Testaments, the Bible.

It seems that when a point of scripture from my personal King James is placed to them as a question of theology, the young missionaries typically respond with a Joseph Smith Book of Mormon text. When I reveal that I have no belief in the LDS founder or his manuscripts, they usually inform me that I have very little faith in God. Funny, they equate faith in Joseph Smith to the faith one would have for God Himself.

I know that Joseph Smith does not sit to the right hand of Jesus. I know that Jesus and Lucifer were never brothers on a planet in some other solar system. I know that I am not a spirit baby sent to prove my worth. I know that there is one heaven and all that are saved live equally before Our Creator. There are not levels of divine placement celestial or otherwise.

So how does a Christian deal with someone devout to a religion that insults the integrity of Jesus? How does a Christian witness to someone so indoctrinated to their false prophet that they look upon you as an infidel? How do we as Christians treat a devout Mormon?

The answer is.........Do not try to disprove Mormonism. Do not try to depreciate the writings of Joseph Smith or the methods by which they worship. Rather, prove your own faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. The fact is, LOVE is what Christianity is about. Christians should be known for their love. THEY WILL KNOW WE ARE CHRISTIANS BY OUR LOVE.

I must admit I haven't always practiced this method of contact. In fact, I infuriated my dentist, who happens to be a Mormon. Our cordiality ended on a sour note. He asked me if I had ever read the Book of Mormon and I promptly responded that I typically don't read fiction. 

I appreciate much of the Mormon family value, but it is somewhat of a fa├žade created by it's cultural expectations. They too struggle with infidelity, pornography, divorce, closet drinking, and business ethics. Simply put, they are sinners just like the rest of humanity. Being haughty and treating a Christian as an inferior to God's Blessings does not and should not shake our faith. Remember, we must become servants just as Christ came to serve, but servants of the Truth.

We are already victorious in Christ Jesus. We should be humble and prepared to defend His Words, and those words were always filled with compassion and understanding. We should follow this philosophy created by God Himself and demonstrated by The Son of God. Love trumps everything. Truth overcomes darkness, and love brings light to the darkness.

In short, love them and treat them as you yourself would be treated. Stand firm to truth and never give quarter to that which is not spoken by God. 

One last word of advice, pray for them........

Dean Donahue, Show Low, Arizona

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Mini Ken van Zyl Born-again Baptist sibce 1965
You could say something along these lines...

Would you be willing to renounce Mormonism if its doctrine was different from what Paul and the other Apostles wrote?

Paul, an inspired apostle wrote, But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed. As we said before, so say I now again, If any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed (Galatians 1:8-9). Do you believe this?

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Mini lynn Sander
Your response to a Mormon should be the same as anyone else. We are all called to be a witness to Jesus Christ.

If you are a Christian and believe in Jesus Christ and trust him as your savior, simply tell them why you believe. You can tell of what you know of the Bible. But mostly tell them what you know of Jesus and what he has done for you. Your easiest testimony is yourself and a very powerful testimony it can be.

You can always give a quick/silent prayer for guidance and help with your words. You will receive it.

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