How do demons get into our lives?


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Hey Peggy! I'm glad you asked this question and sorry no one has answered yet. The question needs to be answered in to ways so I hope you will take time to read all the way through. 

First we have to specify "where demons get" when they are, as you said, "in our lives." The bible speaks in an apparent paradox by saying both "greater is He that is in me, than He that is in the world," and "that is me, that is in my flesh there dwelleth no good thing." We trust the word of God however and no to "rightly divide" it. So here is the answer I believe. We are made with multiple parts to us, soul spirit and flesh. If you are born again then you have a new inner person, born from above and pure in thought and will. But you know, as we all do, that that our flesh hasn't changed at all! We are waiting for that part of our redemption to be complete, that glorious day when the full glory of God in manifest in us! But now we have a choice. Each day. To live to flesh, or to walk in the Spirit.

Understanding the above, look at this verse from Romans 6:16 "Know ye not, that to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are to whom ye obey?" We can choose whom we will serve each day. If you give you hands to be used by the Lord, He will use them. However, if you give yourself to the Enemy he will use whatever he can, your mouth, your hands, etc.. But the choice is ours. Demons can "possess" only what we give into their charge. 

We are commanded in Ephesians to not give place to the devil. It's a sin to not follow the commands of the Lord. Our sin is because of our own choices, no one else. Therefore I say that the choice of possession is ours! We should yield only to the Lord. And if we find ourselves having yielded to the devil, we can remember that "WE ARE NOT OUR OWN BUT BOUGHT WITH A PRICE" 

Ephesians 4:27 "Neither give place to the devil."

This is my first time on Jesus Daily... :) hope this helps!

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Photomania Evelyn Leilou Writer, Artist, Founder of Chapter 13 Poet Society
Demons have distinct and unique personalities just like human beings. Remember that neither satan nor his demon spirits are things. Neither should they be taken lightly. Demons are beings who have all the normally accepted marks of personality: they possess will, intelligence, emotion, self-awareness, and the ability to speak.
Satan is the leader of all demons. Because satan is prideful, his demons follow his lead, which means all demons have a degree of pride like their leader. Demons even compete against one another while operating in your life. The name of the demon reveals its characteristics or manifestations. See the following examples.

Lucifer - Isaiah 14:12 /Prince of the power of the air - Ephesians 2:2
Ruler of the demons - Matthew 12:24 /Destroyer - I Corinthians 10:10
Father of lies - John 8:44 /Murderer - John 8:44 
Where did demons come from?
If mankind, Adam and Eve, had never sinned, we would never have been vulnerable to demons. From the beginning, ever since man, Adam and Eve, turned from God in rebellion, all males and females born have been subjected to two main spiritual evils: sin and demons.

Where do demons live?

Each demon desires to express himself through a human body, preferably yours. A demon is not happy unless he has a human body, again, preferably yours. Because demons do not possess physical bodies of their own, demons seek to inhabit or use the bodies of humans or animals.

How do demons work?

God can be everywhere at the same time. Satan cannot be everywhere at the same time. Since satan was booted out of heaven, there has been a fight for dominion. Satan tries to accomplish his goal of dominion of your life through demons since he cannot be everywhere at the same time.
He, satan, dispenses or assigns his demons or demonic spirits to babies in the womb, people, you, your family, your church, cities, denominations, governments, countries, hospitals, institutions, leaders, through music, through television, through drugs, through immoral sex, through perverted sex, through alcohol, etc. In very simple terms, God represents the light or the good and satan represent the dark or the bad. Just as God and His Holy Spirit is active daily, so is satan and his demons or demonic forces and principalities.

What can I do about demons?

There is an urgent need for Christians to learn all we can about the nature and activity of demons. This knowledge is important for all believers since none of us can claim immunity from the attacks of demons.

It is especially important for pastors and other Christians certified in integrated healing & deliverance to be trained and available for each Christian who desires help. Only with trained, revelatory knowledge are those called to healing and deliverance able to make a correct diagnosis and apply the appropriate remedy so Christians can experience freedom ministered by the Holy Spirit.

Are demons associated with illnesses or health challenges?

Many sicknesses are actually caused by demons, and they should be treated as such. Let's look at a scriptural example where this actually happened.

In Luke 4: 38 – 39, it reads "And he arose out of the synagogue, and entered into Simon's house. And Simon's wife's mother was taken with a great fever; and they besought him for her. And he stood over her, and rebuked the fever; and it left her: and immediately she arose and ministered unto them."

If this fever was only a physical problem, then how foolish to rebuke it! It makes no sense whatsoever to rebuke an inanimate thing. One can only rebuke something having intelligence, and Jesus knew that a spirit caused this fever. The fever left Peter's mother-in-law because it had to obey Jesus' authoritative command.

How do you identify demons?

The easiest way to identify a demon is by how it manifest in your life. There are many lists of demons, strongholds, and generational curses. Again, the easiest way to identify each demon in your life is by how it manifests.The Bible specifically names many, many demons and there are also categories of demons based on their function. For example, if a person [illegitimately] controls things and people, the specific demon in the Bible that's operating in this person is the Jezebel demon [you understand that Jezebel is really a super stronghold because four demons make up the Jezebel head.]

When you are engaged in spiritual warfare, it is important to know your enemy. Part of spiritual warfare is getting rid of your demons on a lasting, permanent basis. Demons manifest themselves through you, your family and your church members under many different names. The following evil spirits, demons, or devils are mentioned in the scriptures, but this list is not exhaustive. Each one is a personality, and the word used expresses their nature:

The nature of specific demons shown in the Old Testament that remain active today.

Jealousy/feelings of jealousy - Numbers 5:14, 30

Ill will/evil - Judges 9:23

Distressing/evil - I Samuel 16:14-23; 18:10; 19:9

Lying/deceiving - I Kings 22:22; II Chronicles 18:20-22

Perverse/distortion/dizziness - Isaiah 19:14

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