What does the Bible say about life on other planets?


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Stringio Steven Scott

I REALLY don't believe that there is life on other planets. This would mean that Jesus would have to appear to them, in their image, preach to them, die for them, and be raised on the 3rd day. Jesus died ONCE. This was for us on Earth. He never had to do it more than once.

May 11 2016 Report

Fb img 1501128698469 Darla Pluckrose

It is hard to believe that we would be God's first (or last). Maybe the Angels were His first. Maybe there are worlds out there with life that satisfies and Glorifies God immensely and others, like us, who give Him grief. I can't wait to find out. We are made in His image, but imagine the billions of different images or characteristics He could have chosen.

May 11 2016 Report

Data Danny Hickman

Steven Scott, I don't know if there are other life forms out there, and it doesn't matter to me if there is, but if there is they wouldn't necessarily need a Savior like we do. Suppose they were given instructions and they followed them. Why should we assume that they needed Jesus to die for them just because mankind on this planet needs it? That's a huge assumption. Remember now, we're talking about OTHER life forms, not mankind.
I do have an opinion, however. I don't think we should put a lot of time into this kind of reckoning. People are dying out of the will of God, and we're worried about other life forms that may or may not exist. God only knows what He thinks about that.

June 24 2020 Report

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