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Did fallen angels inter-marry with humans?


Genesis 6:1 - 4

ESV - 1 When man began to multiply on the face of the land and daughters were born to them. 2 The sons of God saw that the daughters of man were attractive. And they took as their wives any they chose.

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Mini Jamin Fratello
If you look at Luke 20:35-36, it shows that angels do not marry.

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Psalm 121 Allyse C
That's a great question! But nowhere in the Scriptures does it say that these "sons of God" are angels. Also, if you look at the context of Genesis 6, Genesis 5 is talking about Adam's lineage. In chapter 5, the phrase that is repeated constantly is that Adam's descendants "begat sons". Or "begat sons and daughters". So, according to the context, these "sons of God" are humans. If you turn to Deuteronomy 14:1, this also proves that the "sons of God" are actually humans. I hope all makes sense! 


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Emilio 1992 Emo Tenorio Shomer
I submit that there was the cross breeding of "fallen angels" these angels (Bene HaElohim) refers to a direct creation of God, exclusively to angels in the Septuragint. Job 2 

And "the daughters of men" (benoth adam) these are the daughters of both Adam and Cain which produced a corrupted hybrid.
Genesis 6:1-2

This hybrid was called Nepilim "the fallen ones" another phrase "the mighty ones" (HaGibborim) translates from the Greek Septuagint as gigantes "earth-born" from the Greek gigas. Translated into English as giants, they appeared to be quite large........Genesis 6:4

Scripture is telling us that all flesh, the very gene pool on earth was corrupted by the mischief of these hybrids.

But Noah his genealogy was perfect without blemish. Genesis 6:9-12

Jude 6-7 makes reference to these fallen angels as does 2 Peter 2:4-5 Greek tartarus "a dark abode of woe" or "a pit of darkness of the unseen world"

The Sethite view "sons of God" refers to the line of Seth and the "daughters of Adam" are thought to be those of Cain and the sin involved was a failure to maintain separation.

The problem is two fold, first in the Old Testament the phrase "sons of God" never refers to believers and the idea of separation first appears in Genesis 12:1-2

The idea that renegade angels came down to earth and cohabited with women to produce a hybrid offspring is pretty strange. But that very notion is found in the legends of virtually every ancient culture on earth, why?

Is it any harder to believe than the creation story or the virgin birth?
Matthew 24:37

In the Lord's freedom to explore and question.....warrior on

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Doktor D W Supporter
No. Godly men of the line of Seth married ungodly women of the line of Cain, the guy who murdered Abel. Read that in context in Genesis.

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Mini Ray Harris
so if the "sons of God" were actually following God, why did they not listen to Noah? why was their line destroyed with the wicked in the Flood? 

i maintain that while angels do not marry, their is something in particular about these fallen angels that caused them to be locked away from mankind. Their seed had to be destroyed or it would have overwhelmed any attempt at a pure bloodline in which to bring forth a saviour. They were intermarrying and "coming into" the daughters of men. How else would you get giants and mighty men than through something extra human perverting mankind?

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