What is animism?


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Mini James Kraft

The bible says in the last days there will be much deception. We really have to stay in the word with the guidance of the Holy Spirit inorder to know what is truth and what is not. Many people are decieved into believing that law keeping or going to church is what saves them. But the bible makes it clear that no one will enter heaven except by faith in Jesus finished work on the cross.

Those that believe in salvation by works or law keeping tend to add more laws to the bible to make themselves more righteous and it becomes a source of spiritual pride. They begin to write their own laws and hold in contempt those that do not obey their man made laws and rules. It is an attempt to enter heaven another way than through Jesus saving grace.

We do not even realize we have changed the truth of God for a lie. In every generation there are things that are taught that are not Gods word. It is very easy to fall in to legalism instead of trusting Jesus to save us. Many go to church and believe that obeying the commandments is what saves them. Outwardly they look right, but on the inside their hearts are not right. We are not to believe every wind of doctrine, but test the spirits to see that they are from God.

Those that say Lord Lord are not the athiests, but people that believe they got to heaven by their law keeping. Have we not done all these good works? And Jesus said, depart from me I never new you.

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