How can God know me personally if He sees Jesus when He looks at me?

When God sees me he sees the righteousness of Christ, so how can God possibly know me personally?

1 John 3:1

ESV - 1 See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that we should be called children of God; and so we are. The reason why the world does not know us is that it did not know him.

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Mini Donald Woody

God knows everything about you even down the exact number of strands of hair that grows on our heads.

The scripture you refer to is what God sees when He sees a true born again christian who honestly no different than a non christian (Christians are still sinners) but what God sees when He sees a christian is a sinner covered by the atoning blood and grace that Jesus gave to all born again Christians.

This scripture is referring to your redemption not your person.

January 04 2016 Report

Data Dorothy Mathieson

Psalm 91:11. I have felt this from my early years as a child. I fell off my bike on the roadway, but was not run over.

I had electricity run up my arms while I was washing the dishes, but I didn't get sick or die.

Later in life, one of my children ran out onto the road, between 2 parked cars, and I yelled out,"Oh no, God help" and he placed a large sheet of glass between my son and that car. My son was physically pushing against it. Yes, I determined that it was a sheet of very, very strong glass, not him. I knew God existed because He was helping me. Somebody was for sure, helping me.

Then I read the Bible. It was chapter John and it explained all about Jesus. How Peter was going to deny Him 3 times before a rooster crowed. A few yeas later I had a rooster visit me. That story sure woke me up. That is another testimony about How God Helped Me I've seen Him helping others as well.

I was given a gift, but I believe God said, "do not open it, it is not for you" The next morning He ask me to take this gift to the library. As I walked closer to the library, a lady was crossing the road, God advised me, "give this woman that gift." I did and she broke down and cried, saying, "I had prayed last night that God would somehow show me that I was special." and God had answered her prayer.

There have been many, many, many testimonies over the years from lots of other people. It is my belief that God sees each of us individually. How could He help us individually if He saw us all the same?

June 07 2019 Report

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