What are all the herbs, oils, and healing elements mentioned in the Bible besides prayer?


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Mini Shirley H. prayer warrior
I have been researching..This is what I have found, to the best I can say.Hebrews 6:7 "For the earth which drinks in the rain that often comes upon it, and bears herbs useful for those by whom it is cultivated, received blessing from God..."

List of herbs, anise, Matthew 23:23, bitter herbs (include lettuce, homebound, horseradish, mint, e n d I v e, parsley, chicory, coriander, watercress, dandelion, tansy) Exodus 12:8, Numbers 9:11.

Onycha, also known as benzoIn, an herb, also an oil. Exodus 30:34-36.

Balm/Balm of Giliad includes senna and cassia, both an herb and an oil. Ezekiel 27:17, Genesis 37:25 etc.

A l o e s, John 19:39, Psalm 45:8 Proverbs 7:17

Cassia, Exodus 30:20-25 an oil also. (Senna)

Cinnamon, Exodus 30:23, Song of Solomon 4:14, an herb and an oil.

Coriander, Exodus 16:31. Frankincense, Exodus 30:34. Matthew 2:10,11.

C u m m I n, Isaiah 28:25,27. Garlic, Numbers 11:5. Hemlock, Hosea 10:2-4.

Gall (galbanum) an oil also. Exodus 30:34, Matthew 27:32,34, Lamentations 3:19, psalm 69:21. An opiate poppy.

Gourd/castor bean plant, Jonah 4:6. Hyssop also an oil,John 19:29,30, Psalm 51:7. Mint, Exodus 12:8, Luke 11:42. M a l l o w Job 30:4.

Melon (cucumber/watermelon) used as food and medicine. Numbers 11:5.
Mustard,Matthew 13:31, Luke 17:5,5; Mark 4:30-32.

Rue, Luke 11:42. Saffron, Song of Solomon 4:14. Caper berry Ecclesiastes 12:5. 

Oils: Cedar wood (balsamic) Isaiah 41:19. C I t r o n oil, Song of Solomon 2:3, Revelation 18:12. Almond oil, Genesis 43:11, Exodus 25:33, And elsewhere.

C a l a m u s (sweet cane) Exodus 20:23, Ezekiel 27:19. Green bay tree oil, Psalm 37:35,36.

Myrrh-Old Testament, (cIstuscretIcus) Genesis 43:11, Esther 2:12.
Myrrh-New Testament, (commIphoramyrrha) Matthew 2:11, John 19, 39,40.

Myrtle tree oil - Ezekiel 47:12, a decongestant. Olive oil, Exodus 27:20, Micah 6:15, Psalm 23:5, used for many things including wounds.

Oil tree, the "Jerusalem willow" o l e a s t e r, medical oil, Isaiah 41:18-20.

Spikenard, Mark 14:3, Matthew 20:2, Song of Solomon 1:12. Wormwood oil, Lamentations 3:15,19. A symbol of bitterness. Stacte /storax, oil, perfume mixed with myrrh, balsamic, Exodus 30:34.

Rose of Sharon oil, Song of Solomon 2:1, Isaiah 35:1-2,(cystuslabdanum) good for the immune system and also a mood elevator. 

There is a legend about the rose of Sharon... As I conclude this answer, by no means is this answer 100 percent all inclusive, I have to say I enjoyed this research. But, I like the legend very much.. My final statement is Jesus is ALL we Need ALL the time.

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