What are some undeniable examples of divine intervention?


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Shea S. Michael Houdmann Supporter Got Questions Ministries
Divine intervention is, simply put, God intervening in the affairs of the world. Divine intervention can be God causing something to happen or God preventing something from happening. Atheists, agn...

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Emilio 1992 Emo Tenorio Supporter Shomer
I submit God's chosen Jewish people and His land of Israel, neither would exit today without the numberless divine interventions from antiquity on their behalf.
And be today standing as prophesied the prime focal point and a stumbling block of the whole deceived caterwauling intelligentsia world's dark system. 

Mathematically to correctly achieve the prophecies concerning the people and land is not logicality possible, let alone in the precise order given.

Consider just the history of three prophecy examples.
No people have lost and been driven from their homeland and later returned to claim it, Israel has done this hat trick twice as prophesied.

"Can a nation be born in a day" Israel declared state hood in 1948 the next day they were attacked by five superior well armed Arab nation states, defeating their armies on the field of battle and maintaining their independence as prophesied.

Entebbe Uganda 3-4 July 1976 Israel's finest commandos Sayeret Matkal ("The Unit") would be sent on a daunting mission that was audacious in concept and execution to rescue Israel's citizens on a PLO hijacked Air France plane.

A modern day Joshua would lead his all volunteer unit on this mission, Jonathan Netanyahu known as "Yoni" a thirty year old warrior-philosopher. 
Yoni would be the only one to die in this mission and is buried in Jerusalem"s Mount Herzl's military cemetery a revered national hero of Israel.

Yoni's younger brother Benjamin would also be a commando in The Unit and later become Israel's Prime Minster twice, chance perhaps?
And this raid would become the stuff of legend, the courage shown, the challenges met and overcome, show divine intervention, if only one chooses to see it.

In the Lord's freedom and courage................warrior on

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Mini Mike Potter
During the second war, the US Army had the German Army in retreat. Their intent was to cross the Rhine and dig in to make a last stand from heavily fortified defensive positions. The American Army realized they had to cross the Rhine before the Germans had time to create the defensive positions. All boat builders in this country were approached by the Army to contract constructions of thousands of small wooden boats for the U S Army to cross on. The boats plans called for a very complex saw cut that untill then, had not been done with the exception of hand fitting. The boats had to be assembled right away to be on time. Mr. Meloon, owner of Pine Castle Boats, in Orlando Florida, promised to complete his share of boats. His family thought he had gone nuts to make the commitment given the time to do it and amount of boats. Me. Meloon told his family The Lord will provide the means. That night, in his dreams, The Lord gave him the plans for a saw that would make the lumber cut in one motion. After taking The Lords day off, they proceeded on Monday to build the saw. The boats were completed ahead of time. Mr. Meloon hired trucks to go across the country and pick up partially completed boats from other builders who could not complete their quota. The boats were built. The U S Army crossed the Rhine and crushed the tyranny and freed the prison camps. This is documentable by looking in government records and studying the history of Correct Craft Boats which superceded Pine Castle Boats. For additional proof of God at work in modern times, study the case of Evander Holyfield being healed of heart disease after the entire scientific community declared him unfit to box and consequently his boxing liscence was revoked. Evander went on to box again and won the heavy weight championship back. God is seen every day and every instance that we allow him to be.

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Mini Billy P Eldred
To answer your question, I could give you examples from the Bible but if you or whomever you are witnessing to does not recognize the truth of the Bible, then those examples would not mean anything to either of you. I could also give you examples in my own life of how God has divinely interceded that I am 100 percent convinced was Him (Like answering a whole series of mentally asked questions in the voice of a public speaker that no one else in the room heard but me that led to my being saved) but skeptics would say I am delusional or imagining things and they would mean nothing to them (everything to me). I could tell you of the testimony of a friend (who told me of falling off a high rise construction project and feeling a big hand hit him in the chest pushing him back upward and back to safety saving his life while a friend was looking on from below and got saved because if it) but a skeptic again would explain it away as a gust of wind or something else even though my friend KNOWS it was God. 

If you asked this question because you are seeking God then I suggest you ask Him (God) to reveal Himself to you in a Supernatural way. And don't ask just once. Pour your heart into over a period of time. I believe He will respond in a way that you will believe. 

If on the other hand you are looking for ammunition to witness to others, I recommend you read the book "Signature of God" by Grant Jeffries. It is an entire book that covers a variety of evidence in different subject matters (science, mathematics, medicine, history, etc.) that gives you something that almost anyone you talk to can relate to. But even so, people respond most to people they know and trust. Throw in some of the information you read in this book, but mostly just witness to them and ask God to convict them.

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Mini Ni Jay Researcher into human reasoning
It is dangerous to attribute our experiences of events, whether positive or negative, in favor or against us, to God. Do we say God intervened to help us when we have successes, e.g. win conflicts, battles, wars, land on the moon, discover gold etc? And against us when we suffer losses in the same conflicts, battles, wars or suffer natural disasters, e.g. volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, floods, spread of diseases? 

To do so either way would be to apply human logic to our experiences. If and when God wishes to intervene He will do so and will let us know just like He did during the biblical times. Our task is to praise Him whatever our experiences, for He knows what each one of us goes through in life.

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