Was Martin Luther anti-Semitic?


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In Chapter 11 of Romans, Paul the Apostle says that the Jews will be accepted by our Lord Jesus Christ into his fold. I may quote verse 15 of this Chapter as under " For if their being cast away is the reconciling of the world, what will their acceptance be but life from the dead?" The dead will come to life at the time of the Second Coming of our Lord. So just before the Second Coming the Jews will accept Jesus as their God and Lord. Conversely the Lord is postponing His Second Coming waiting for the reunion of the Jews with Lord Jesus Christ. I am therefore of the view that true Christians should not despise the Jews but pray for them so that they may also accept Jesus as their Lord. V T John. vtjohn100@yahoo.co.in

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Data Dana pappas

It has also been reported that near the end of Luther's life, he chose to engage violence/persecution against Jews because they would not convert to accepting Christ. Rom. eleventh chapter explains Judaism will be converted at the end when God himself "takes their sins away", verses 25-27. The House of Israel must remain until the end.

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