How do I respond to an immediate family member who is Wiccan without compromising my faith in Christ?

How should I respond as a Christian to a close family member who practices wicca? I don't want to ignore this person; however I can't deny Christ. I  can't compromise my faith in God. I am afraid of getting too involved. I am praying for this person.

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My mother is a wican and a median who talks to dead people. She is also a lesbian. She knows I am a Christian and is not willing to listen to my beliefs. I have spent years wondering how to deal with our relationship. The bible clearly says come out from those that are in darkness. For what do light and darkness have in common. Be separate says the lord. I rarely feel any joy when I speak with her. I will pray for her. Yet I do not think it is safe or wise to have much contact. I know we are supposed to respect our parents. Yet even Jesus said I do not know you. Now an atheist I have hope for. There is a huge difference between not believing or knowing God than someone who is involved in the occolt. That is a Wican
Why would any Christian be advised that having a relationship with a Wican whom is clearly demon possessed as safe. It is not safe. That feeling in your gut is from God. Why doubt it. Pray is my suggestion.

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There is hope for everyone, even your mom. Remember Saul...Paul :) I love that you Love the Lord in spite of your family. I am the only one in my family that is saved. My youngest son just got married and his new wife wants to know the Lord (He has blessed me with that!!) You are correct when you say it is easier to have hope for those that are neutral but remember Saul/Paul was a persecutor! There is hope and I will pray for your family, be blessed sister.

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