What do the half-moon symbols from Gideon's enemies in Judges 8 represent?

I wondered if the half moon symbols have a closer meaning in the book of Judges 8. Gideon is referring to Ishmaelites, half moon ornaments and enemies. Some religion today still use the half moon as their symbol I.e Islam... does it come from paganism?

Judges 8:24, Judges 8:21, Judges 8:26 

What are these 'crescent ornaments', and what do they represent?

Many thanks for your help 

Judges 8:1 - 35

SCHLACHTER - 1 Aber die Männer von Ephraim sprachen zu ihm: Warum hast du uns das angetan, daß du uns nicht riefst, als du wider die Midianiter in den Streit zogest? Und sie zankten heftig mit ihm. 2 Er aber sprach zu ihnen: Was habe ich jetzt getan, das eurer Tat gleich wäre? Ist nicht die Nachlese Ephraims besser als der ganze Herbst Abiesers?

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I humbly submit that you've discovered the true pagan roots of a form of coercive government rule, operating and passing it's self as the world's third and newest religion.

I'll endeavor to explain the major under pinnings and a brief history behind them in relation to your question, as best as I am able to do in such a short space setting.

Sabian an ancient semitc nation in the Southwest Arabian peninsula in what today is known as Yemen. Sabians were a crescent moon-god worshiping cult in pre-Islamic times and their Allah was but one of 360 Arabian idol gods.

Islam is a mixture of this pre-Islamic cult and the demonic influence of Muhammad's cave light experience and the appearance of "an angel of light" Gabriel, who Muhammad said upon meeting then goes on to choke him three times until exhaustion. Does this sound like any appearance of an angel in scripture, please also note that the Arabic word Islam translates as submission, understand now.

Muhammad and Islam base their monotheism of Allah on the Israelites and their Torah, thus strongly opposing idolatry and polytheism in sharp contrast with his Arab contemporaries and his own rock-worshiping tribe the Quraysh.

Who believed that Allah did have associates amongst them three female deities and who according to their pagan religious belief were his daughters "AL-Lat" (the goddess) "Al-Uzza" (the strongest) and "Manat" (destiny).

Each with their own shrine in separate places around Makkah (Mecca) to quell and unite these Arabs, Muhammad speaks what is well documented by Islamic scholars in both the Hadith and Quran and are referenced as the satanic verses. 
Where Satan was able to deceive Muhammad, into reciting his (Satan) words as if they were Allah's words thus insinuating himself into the Quran, the infallible word of god. 

The question now becomes if Satan did it once, how many other times was he able to do it, and of course may not be asked if your want to keep your body parts!
The original verses follow, please note these were changed later by Muhammad's Islamic scholars.

Sura 53:21 These are the exalted Gharaniq [high flying cranes] (intermediaries)

Sura 53:22 Whose intercession is to be hoped for.

After completing the Surah Muhammad and his followers prostrate themselves and pray in the pagan mosque of idolatry (Kaaba) surrounded by his tribe the Quayish.

Historical records show no evidence what so ever that the Kaaba was at any time, but a house of idolatry with 360 idols on it, now IF Muhammad was indeed a monotheist messenger of god, why did he now knowingly do what he should not have done.

Bottom line; what most people in the West fail to understand for many reasons about Islam and it's Quran with FEAR being the governing principle factor is this deception.

The early part of the Quran was penned prior and during Muhammads weak building period of Islam aka (the peace, love and granola bars writings) often spoken to put you at ease. When they are less than twenty percent of any population early writings govern interactions with infidals.

The later part was penned after he had united enough power to impose his will on the weaker, who had been duped into thinking he was a humble man of peace.
Now understand this; it's the second part that supersedes and governs all writings.

Speaking of peace which Islamist love to claim Islam is; the peace they knowingly speak of is only possible when everyone has submitted to Islam, and as we can see daily that long journey of capitulation can be a bit bloody and have some sharp edges for those who resist, their promised future utopia of peace.

In the Lord's TRUE freedom a sheepdog standing............warrior on

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