What is the nature and meaning of the dark period at the time when Jesus died on the cross?

It was now the sixth hour and the darkness came over the whole land until the ninth hour.....

Luke 1:1 - 80

YLT - 1 Seeing that many did take in hand to set in order a narration of the matters that have been fully assured among us. 2 As they did deliver to us, who from the beginning became eye-witnesses, and officers of the Word, --

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Data Malcolm Jones

This is an interesting question. Nowhere I see a direct correlation. However in Isaiah 60 it speaks of a time when there will be weeping and a darkness will cover the land. It is about when God would turn from his people (Jesus). Then in Exodus before the Passover there was 3 days of darkness before the darkness of the death of the firstborn. All could relate to the separating of God from those who represented Sin (Christ became sin for the world). He asked in this period why have you (Father) forsaken me. The light was snuffed out for a minute (sun refused to shine, the moon had no reflective source) the Son took on the darkness of sin for redemption but brought back when it was completed and salvation given.

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