Is it wrong to feel disappointment with God?


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In my life I feel the more mature and closer I become to God the less I question (in a negative way) things that happen to or around me, and the more I look for what God might be wanting me to learn by coming on contact with this problem or circumstance. The flip side is at times we NEED to question thing going on around us or we might sit on a 'plateau' we reached forever, instead of keeping on moving on with God to new and higher experiences. It is so true, as we learn to trust that GOD always IS Love and always operates from a point of love, allowing nothing to touch us that will not ultimately be for our good and maturing, if we will lean on Him and learn to listen for guidance through it, then we look for the 'gold' in the circumstances that often 'rub us the wrong way' or seem to be negative at first glance. .. ALL thing DO work together for good as we love our Lord.

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