How can I overcome the fear of failing an Almighty God?

How can a believer overcome their fear of feeling they are constantly failing God, such as going to bed afraid, knowing they will fail again tomorrow?

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84924d6f 9be5 4261 9e07 ab5f6a8c5842 Lena Wms Student @Christ Gospel Church, S.S.Teacher, Observer
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, please consider those words. In Christ. Heb 4:15, states He knows all about our pain, He bore them. Including the fear of not being able to please His Father! Jesus is Perfect Love. And He cast out ALL FEAR! 1 John 4:8, 1 John 4:18

This being established, what happens to us that makes us have such uncontrollable fears? Only two things in my humble opinion. 

First, are you fearful of other things? Or of just this thing? There are medical conditions that cause extreme fear. However, the person becomes fearful of everything until medication restores balance in their body. If this is not the case...

Second, the enemy of our soul loves to attack our hearts and minds. He is a tool in our Father's Hands. Job 1:8-12. However, Jesus sits at the Right Hand of the Father ever making intercession for us. Rom. 8:34.
What is He saying to His Father? " Your Judgments are Just, but I shed my Blood for this too, Father. Just give them a moment to repent. " The Father sees the Blood shed for ALL sins and gives us a moment more to repent. 
The enemy knows this scene in Heaven, also knows we don't fully grasp it's full meaning, will come and torment the life out of us. He will put so much fear on us, we are spiritual lunitics. Tho again, I reiterate, he is just a tool. Our Father uses him to equip us for things we cannot hope to understand now. The battles we fight with Lucifer today, are not for the edification of today, but in the world to come when we will stand as a witness and say, "He came against me, but through the Blood of Christ, I overcame him."

This is how to overcome such terrible fear. To understand that if we could have EVER been good enough for an Almighty God, He would not have had to send His Son to die such a horrific death. By ourselves it is impossible to please God! Heb. 11:6. We must have Jesus!

We must have Jesus' Blood. In our hearts, on our lives, on our minds. I personally would suggest that every time you begin to feel this fear, you plead the Blood of Jesus of our mind, then Thank Jesus for ALL He has done for you. Praise and Bless His Holy Name for all the mighty works in your life.. Where is the _____? Thank you Jesus!

Be Blessed

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Picture010 Darrell McKnight Minister/Musician, Central Carolina Sch. of Preaching
I could simply suggest you dwell upon the joy and pleasure of serving God but I feel you already know this. The knowledge just isn't manifesting itself into your spirit completely. 

Realize that you are breathing the breath of God which means you possess the spirit of God in your nostrils as stated by Job. (Job 27:3, 33:4). God did not give us the spirit of fear but of power. (2 Timothy 1:7). So this feeling is not of God. Your must needs are from God and Christ made it possible for all to receive these blessings freely. They are gifts that have been paid for all you must do is receive them and open them up!

So read and think on these things recorded in Philippians 4:8.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit. Amen.

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Profile pic Mark Vestal Proud of nothing of myself. Freed by Christ who did it all!
Look to the cross. Jesus Christ died for you because He knew you would fail again tomorrow. Know that God will NEVER punish YOU for your failures. That was accomplished by Christ on your behalf. Use that, the shed blood of Christ because of His love for you, to find the strength to overcome tomorrow's potential failures.

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