Can a person be baptized after his death?

I don't know whether my grandfather was a believer or not but he did mention that, "As long as you are a good person, you will not go to hell". I grew up believing in that, but as I have learned, we can only be saved through Christ. My grandfather was a Buddhist, while all of his children and grandchildren are Christians. He died of heart attack 7 years ago when I was 15. Soon after he passed away, a priest whom my mother called, recited some prayers and baptized him by the Christian name of Joseph. But I am not sure if he can be saved by this method. 
PS: I'm sorry for bad English  

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Mini Terrie Ensley Christ-centered counselor, licensed clinical social worker
I am so sorry for the loss of your grandfather and your uncertainty about his salvation. As you have learned, the only way to be saved is by believing in Christ as our Savior. Our eternal destination is determined at death and no post-death action can change that status, not even baptism. 

However, have hope! Only God knows the heart of your Grandfather at death. He certainly could of had a last minute conversion. We know that baptism is not required for heavenly life because of the salvation of the thief on the cross at Jesus' resurrection; Faith is the only requirement. We can have hope that your Grandfather was saved, but; we must trust the final decision to God. 

In the meantime, are there others that you love who do not believe in Jesus? Maybe your experience with your Grandfather will help you talk to them and they will open their hearts to the one and only triune God. 

Deidre, I'm not sure if this belief is shared by those of the Catholic faith. Perhaps the priest who baptized your grandfather, if Catholic, was practicing the belief of his denomination or perhaps he was offering comfort to your family in some way. I have shared my understanding of Scripture with you as a protestant (Lutheran), but you might find it helpful to contact the man who posthumously baptized your grandfather or another clergy person of this denomination for their viewpoint. See if what they say can be supported Biblically. 

Also, talk to your own pastor or an elder of your church. This a very deserving question. Don't be afraid to pursue an answer until you are satisfied.

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Headshot Cindy Jennings 1 Saved by Grace
As mentioned above, only God knows the heart so none of us can know whether a person is truly saved.

However, certainly no one can pray anyone into heaven, no one can be baptized for someone else (not a requirement for salvation anyway)--the decision for Christ MUST be made before death. Luke 16:25-31 tells the story of the rich man in Hades begging Abraham to warn his brothers before they die and end up like him. However, Abraham tells him that his brothers rejected the prophets and Moses concerning God/Jesus so they won't listen to him either.

The point is--your destination is determined in THIS lifetime. There are no second chances. Your entire existence is a choice of the world (Satan) or God (eternity). No one but you can make that decision.

There is absolutely no biblical basis of a posthumous acceptance into heaven if that person while living rejected Christ. Religions that tell you otherwise are false religions and are providing you false comfort.

However, as noted, you don't know for sure the condition of your grandfather's heart. Being surrounded by Christ lovers may have sunk in before he passed away.

I know my own pastor, who is Jewish, witnessed to his parents for DECADES and his father did not accept Christ until a week before he died. But that's all it took--he is now in heaven, face to face with his Lord.

So take comfort in that but don't let anyone mislead you about second chances after death. That's just a false hope.

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