How many angels are equals to "one legion?"


Matthew 26:53

AMP - 53 Do you suppose that I cannot appeal to My Father, and He will immediately provide Me with more than twelve legions [more than 80,000] of angels?

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Data Lena Wms

I don't have biblical proof, but I always thought that a legion was 144,000. This was based on the Roman system of 12 x12 x10. Then in Revelations it talks about the Army that will return with Christ to wipe out the Antichrist will be 144,000.

Also there will be 10,000 from each of the 12 tribes of Israel sealed during the Tribulation to be saved and unharmed during Armageddon equals 144,000.

I guess I just always assumed a legion was 144,000.

Jesus was certainly powerful enough to call down 12 legions of angels to rescue Himself.. but for me He stayed. for me He laid down His life, for me.. such a worm..

Be Blessed

April 10 2015 Report

Mini Bobby Swinson

Hello Sister Lena,
Not really sure exactly how many are in a legion, one has sure wiped out many. Also when Jesus just spoke the words “I am” all who came for him were taken off their feet, really shows he didn’t need any help. He is the creator of all things. I know this isn’t breaking news for believers. I just enjoy telling of his greatness. :)
What I really wanted to comment on is the kindness I read in your comment. Very Christ like in my humble opinion.
Thank your brother in Christ.

February 10 2018 Report

Data Lena Wms

Dear Brother Swinson, if you find any good in me, it's Jesus. I'm nothing but a poor wretched sinner, He saw fit to save by His Grace, His Amazing Grace and Abundant Mercy... That pushed back all I deserved and gave that I did not deserve.

When we think about it, we are but specks of dust, formed by His Hands into something beautiful.. presented to the world, born dying. We only have one mission in life, to return to our Savior Jesus, to be transformed into His image, to have His mind become our mind. Until our dying breath, our only purpose in this life should be: Christ in us, us in Christ. The great I Am inviting us to come inside of Himself? 2 Cor 5:17, if any man be IN Christ....

Such an awesome privilege for a speck of dust.

Be Blessed,

February 12 2018 Report

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