Do the souls of aborted babies go to heaven?


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Mini Ann Wood

I read a good book......Heaven is For Real.....a little boy dies and goes to heaven. He comes back to life and his incredible story is slowly told, bit bye bit, to his parents. He spent some time in heaven and told things he could not have known. His mother had at one time lost a baby in her womb. The little boy met this unborn baby, who was his sister and she was in heaven. He told his parents all about her. That she was looking forward to the day she would meet her parents. This is a true story. So yes, unborn babies go to heaven. Now.....I must add.....the little boys parents are Christians and believe the bible. So perhaps that might make a difference. My opinion:......the fruit of the womb of a believer is different from that of a nonbeliever.

November 29 2013 Report

Mini James Overway

I wonder what the "new bodies" of these aborted babies will look like.

September 30 2014 Report

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