Are Israel and the church the same thing? Does God still have a plan for Israel?


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Mini Janice Thomas

Ariel is correct in what he says inasmuch as:

What he terms 'National' Israel IS the country itself.

Spiritual Israel IS 'The Church' made up of, 'The Remnant' and the converted (the grafted in branches) and any/ all who follow in their footsteps in believing that, Christ was: Born of a virgin, crucified for our sins and resurrected on the third day to life eternal...as the First of 'The Risen' Sons of God. And those who still observe ALL of the 10 Commandments...the example set for mankind by those who became the first of, 'The Remnant' and Sons of God as members of, the God Family.

The name, Israel means, Overcomer. Jacob's name was changed to, Israel by God after he fought with God all night and would not give in. Hence, Spiritual Israel is 'The True Church' and is made up of those who have and will 'overcome' by worshipping God 'in spirit and in truth' and remain so doing / living, until the very end; Christ's second coming.

It might be pertinent to note that, as many as 90% of Jews alive today do not believe that Jesus Christ was/ is our prophesied Saviour; the Messiah, but merely another prophet of those times.

The organisation, 'Bibles for Israel' makes this clear on-line, in their mission to change the minds of those such Jews in their misguided beliefs.

Spiritual Israel, The Church, are the chosen of God and the inheritors of His promise.

May we all strive to overcome.

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