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What does God say to do with anger over attacks from terrorism? Are we to sit and watch it happen?

Is anger justified? Should we sit by and just watch it happen? Is there something we can/should do?

Psalms 10:17 - 18

NKJV - 17 LORD, You have heard the desire of the humble; You will prepare their heart; You will cause Your ear to hear. 18 To do justice to the fatherless and the oppressed, That the man of the earth may oppress no more.

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David 2011 David Robinson Army 1SG, firefighter, consultant (CFPS) - retired from all!
This question is just as relevant for today as it is difficult to answer. I’m sure there will be those who disagree with my response. I certainly respect their right to express their views and I acknowledge up front that I may be wrong. 

Thinking about this question takes me back to an encounter I had on the Sunday morning after the 9/11 attacks in 2001. I was teaching an adult Sunday School Class, so I had arrived at church early. The pastor and I were the only ones there and naturally the conversation went immediately to the attacks. We both expressed sadness and compassion for the victims and their families. Then the pastor made a comment that stunned me to the point that I blurted out a response that may have been disrespectful to him, although that was not my intention. He stated that even though they had done a terrible thing, and even though it will be difficult, we still must find a way to “turn the other cheek” and forgive those responsible for this atrocity. My immediate retort was, “Yes, I suppose we do have to forgive them. I’m just wondering if we should forgive them before we kill them, or after we kill them. Either way, they’ve got to die! Justice will not be served until we have killed them all!”

Now the pastor was as stunned as I had been. He had left justice out of the equation and I had unwittingly destroyed his confidence in the sermon he had prepared for that day. It amazes me that intelligent people who are very familiar with the Bible can be committed pacifists without ever thinking the matter through biblically. “Turn the other cheek?” What does that look like relative to those terrorist attacks? Do we round up 3000 more innocent civilians, throw in several hundred firefighters and policemen and tell the terrorists, “here they are! Come and slaughter these, too! We are turning our other cheek like Jesus said!” Sorry, but I am compelled to throw the BS card on this one.

Yes, we should be angry, even enraged! No, we are not supposed to sit and watch terrorist attacks happen without fighting back. We should do all we can to grant the wish of every terrorist to die as a martyr, without mercy or remorse! The only viable option to terrorist aggression is resistance and the only realistic means of successful resistance is overwhelming force. We must seek out the terrorists where they live and kill or incarcerate them to the last person. They are truly and immutably bad people; we can't change that. The only way we can make them good is to make them dead.

Nothing else will work; our enemies understand nothing else. We can no more reason or negotiate with them than we can persuade a fire to go out by simply talking to it. Fire respects nothing but the application of an effective extinguishing agent. Similarly, terrorists respect nothing but the application of annihilating force. To their mentality, our failure to fight will signify weakness and our weakness will serve to strengthen their resolve that their ideology is right and that victory is attainable. They will stop their aggression against us only after they have destroyed us or we have destroyed them. I prefer the latter. I sincerely desire peace, but I believe that in our present situation, peace can only be achieved by the grace of God through superior fire power.

Our anger against terrorists is completely justified because it is a righteous anger, an anger against injustice. God is the God of justice. He loves justice and we should love it, too (Micah 6:8). He hates injustice and we should hate it, too. He uses people to exact justice on other people (Gen 9:6). Terrorists and their ilk, on the other hand, hate justice. They kill people and destroy lives without a just cause. Their whole life revolves around their insatiable appetite for hate, death and destruction. They are truly of their father, the devil. It would be a sin for the people of God not to oppose them with all means necessary. May God bless our troops who fight for our very existence!

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Emilio 1992 Emo Tenorio Shomer
I humbly submit for your consideration a simple question, could you as either a moral person or as an ambassador of God's kingdom. Idly permit a single murderer or group, to go about their business without endeavoring to stop their handily work in anyway? (Psalms 149:6-7; Luke 9:24; Luke 12:4)

In May of 2013 while in uniform, Lee Rigby a twenty five year old British fusilier (soldier) was hacked to death in broad daylight, to the horror of very polite by-passers outside of his Woolwich barracks in London's Greenwich. 

The pictures show a crowd of onlookers, some with canes and umbrellas in hand and generally appear to be males of some sort, but looking more like sad and fearful sheep.

Only two women stepped forward to stop the hacking, as one women engaged the two attackers armed with knifes and axes while the other rendered aid to the now expiring young soldier bleeding out and laying in the street of a once great civilized nation. 

The pictures show that these warriors carried only their purses into this horror, stranger still the pictures continue to show the frozen sheep in the back ground still unmoving.
(Luke 22:36)

It was later learned of these women when questioned by the media, as to why they willing did such a dangerous thing, their answer was simple "we're Christians". 
Of course the secular media down played this fact and went with the standard issued talking points for "the religion of peace" (pieces in many cases). (Acts 17:25-26)

On 25 October 2014 the Greenwich council decided not to name a memorial for the murdered fusilier Lee Rigby, amid fears it may offend Islamist extremists.
There was a time when society needed deeds to be done by men, and any males not having the stomach for such deeds were told to go and sit by the fire with the women. 
But in Greenwich two women warriors hold a true place of honor and brought glory to their God via their fearless actions. (Judges 4:9; Judges 4:21; Judges 5:27) 

There are predictable consequences to society when those of good conscience display cowardice in the face of true evil.(Proverbs 22:3; Proverbs 27:12)

In the Lord's freedom a sheepdog standing............warrior on

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