Who were the kings of Israel and Judah?


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Shea S. Michael Houdmann Supporter Got Questions Ministries
In the period that preceded the monarchy, Israel had no king; everyone did as he saw fit (Judges 21:25). God raised up Samuel to lead the people (1 Samuel 3:4). All of Israel knew that Samuel was e...

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Mini Michael Harris Elder - N.A.C.M,, Author, This Final Generation
This question is far more important than you might think. It is a question in which errors are easily made. Some kings have two names, their names changed and different kings have the same names. Also, at times the people of Israel or Judah followed someone like “Absalom” (2 Sam 13-19) or “Tibni” (1 Kings 16:21-22) who were usurpers of the throne; but, were never anointed as kings. The most common error is listing "Athaliah" among the “kings” of Judah. SHE was not an anointed king. In fact, she was not an anointed "Queen.” She was a usurper of the thrown. She was a "Queen Mother" or the mother of Ahaziah, the 6th king of Judah. (2 Kings 11:1). She had no right to the throne, was never anointed (nor could she be) and was a murderer in full rebellion opposed to God. The correct list of kings is as follows:

The United Kingdom of Israel: Saul, David and Solomon.

The Divided Northern Kingdom of Israel: 1) Jeroboam, 2) Nadab, 3) Baasha, 4) Elah, 5) Zimri, 6) Omri, 7) Ahab, 8) Ahaziah, 9) Joram/Jehoram, 10) Jehu, 11) Jehoahaz, 12) Joash, 13) Jeroboam II 14) Zechariah, 15) Shallum, 16) Menahem, 17) Pekahiah, 18) Pekah (overlap), 19) Hoshea.

The Divided Southern Kingdom of Judah: 1) Rehoboam, 2) Abijah, 3) Asa, 4) Jehoshaphat, 5) Jehoram/Joram, 6) Ahaziah, 7) Joash/Jehoash, 8) Amaziah, 9) Uzziah/Azariah, 10) Jotham, 11) Ahaz, 12) Hezekiah, 13) Manasseh, 14) Amon, 15) Josiah, 16) Jehoahaz, 17) Jehoiakim, 18) Jehoiachin, 19) Zedekiah.

Note: With regard to the “19” kings of the divided kingdoms of Israel and Judah, please also see my answer regarding “The Age of Accountability” on my “Profile Page.” “19” is the Scriptural number of: “A Completed Order To or From Judgment.” After these 19 kings God held them “Accountable.” 

There were 3 kings who led the United Kingdom of Israel, Saul, David and Solomon. There were 38 kings (19+19) who led the divided kingdoms. This combines for a total of 41 kings in all. When the rightful 42nd prince of Judah arrived (Mat 2:2), he was rejected as their king and killed as a prince of Judah. (Dan 9:25; Mat 27:11, 37).

When He returns it will be as the 42nd anointed king of Israel. This is the very thing that the genealogy of Matthew 1 points to. It is the genealogy of the king. Here we find 3 groups listing 14 generations each and 14x3 = “42” generations. (Mat 1:17) When He returns to the Earth it will be as "the Lion of the Tribe of Judah." (Gen 49:9, Rev 5:5).

Getting the numbers correct is important. It all points to Jesus as the Messiah and rightful King of Israel! Truth matters! It points to more truth. As an example: the "Antichrist" or the one who comes "In place of Christ" (a Gentile usurper) is granted authority for "42 months" (Rev 11:2, 13:5) and is a false king even standing in the temple demanding to be worshiped as God! (2 Thes 2:4) We know his number is “666” (Rev 13:18), but did you know that “6” = Man/Beast/Serpent (Gen 1:25, 26, 31, 3:1). In “666” we also see this “trinity” (666) impersonating God. Now, the name “Jesus” in Greek is “888.” “8” is the number of “New Beginnings” (Gen 17:12). 

It is all interconnected from Genesis to Revelation! Each word and even the numbers in Scripture are divinely inspired and have a meaning that transcends the numbers themselves which point at truth!

As an example: "40" is the number of "Testing to a Great Expansion of God" and "2" is the number of "Division and/or The Incarnate Son" (Who was "divided" from the Father when He came). Now look back at the number "42." For fun... consider what took place every time the number "40" appears!

40 Years... Moses was called to deliver Israel... Israel wandered in the wilderness, and then entered the Promised Land... David was king and then the temple came... 40 Days... Jesus’ was tempted in the wilderness and then began His public ministry! Most of us will say we believe Scripture is inspired with each word perfect... here we begin to literally see it and then know it!


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