Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons?


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Data Valda Collison
This is a question that is often asked in jest, like the similar one, "Which came first the chicken or the egg?"

Belly buttons come from the umbilical cord that sustains life when a baby is in its mother's womb. Adam was formed from the dust of the earth by God himself, and Eve was formed from one of Adam's ribs after God put him into a deep sleep.

There was no umbilical cord, so therefore, no belly button. Just as God spoke into being all the creatures on the earth, they would have been whole, individual creations, so to my mind it is obvious that the egg came after the chicken.

So often we seem to make throw away comments without thinking, and it was only in meditating on this question some time ago that, I really started to put into perspective what has been read over and over without really understanding it at the "knowing" level.

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Mini Ken Hyatt
Belly buttons are what accommodate an umbilical cord, which is essential for life to those who are "in utero." Adam and Eve were created "ex-utero" thus no necessity for a belly button - though they could have had one as God's "template of excellence" for those arriving later on the scene "in-utero." Ultimately we really don't know, but I've often contemplated this issue myself.

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Me Lynda Hickman Homemaker, plumber, carpenter, all around gearhead
Except when a problem such as a hernia in the developing unborn baby makes it necessary to close the abdomen surgically, all mammals are born with an "umbilicus", the wonderful "belly button."
It is a fact of "life."

However, when considering the "birth" of Adam & Eve, we must consider how they came to be.

They were not "born" from the womb of a mother, therefore, it is unlikely that they had a umbilicus, as there would not have been an umbilical cord, a placenta or an after-birth.

Adam was formed by GOD's own hands out of the "dust of the ground" Gen. 2:7 
And Eve was made of one of Adam's ribs.Gen. 2:21-22

Oddly, back in the 1800's, a few years before Darwin published his book, Henry Gosse, a naturalist from Great Britain suggested that indeed, Adam & Eve had belly buttons. 

His argument was that GOD would have wanted all of His creation to look old. Besides making mountains look old, trees would have had the tell tale sign of age with their growth rings, and Adam & Eve would have had belly buttons as outward signs of age because they were not babies when He created them, but adults! 


That theory suggests that GOD was a "deceiver" but the Bible tells us otherwise. 

Hebrews 6 tells us that "it is impossible for GOD to lie"; that "every word of GOD is pure" - Prov. 30:5 and Numbers 23:19 says, "GOD is not a man, that He should lie"

With the birth of Cain, belly buttons began!

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Mini Kenneth Heck
In Gen 5: 3 it says that Adam begat a son in his own likeness, after his image; and called his name Seth. If Seth really was a true likeness to Adam, then whatever Adam had, Seth would have had also. I believe Seth had a belly button, so it is possible Adam had something similar, although not necessarily identical.

The DNA argument would be that Adam must have had the genes to create an umbilical cord, also Eve, whether or not the genes had been expressed during their creation. Simply because an organism may have the genes for a particular characteristic doesn't mean those genes will be automatically expressed. The umbilical cord genes could have been turned off for Adam and Eve.

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Mini Kate Gladstone
If Adam and Eve didn't have belly buttons because the creation of belly buttons for them would have falsely suggested a non-existent past of being fetuses, then why did they have hair? Hair is not a living organ, but a by-product of previous cells: each and every hair on the skin of a human (or an animal) is the result of a wondrous and detailed sequence of cell activity that was completed during a period of several weeks before that hair appeared. (That is why police investigators can use hair clippings to determine of somebody had ingested drugs or other poisons during the weeks before the clippings were taken.) 

So, the presence of hair on any human being indicates the existence of that previous cell activity, weeks before the hair existed. If Adam and Eve could not have been created with belly buttons, then they could not have been created with hair either. 

But if we don't see a problem with Adam and Eve having been created with hair — eyebrows, for instance — then we have no reason to see a problem with them being created with belly buttons either.

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