Should Believers and Followers of Christ read or follow the teachings of "The Secret"?

'The Secret' is a self-help technique by Rhonda Byrne.

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Mini Zyrbosch Krozzyah

1 Timothy 6:3 and John 8:31: Abide in the doctrine of Jesus Christ, keep to and continue in the doctrine of Jesus Christ.

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Bob in england Robert Hicks

Yes, abide in Christ. In these end times there are a multitude of self obsessed speakers and writers who will try to pull you away from the doctrine of Christ. This is how they are going to make their money and receive their only blessings. It is sad that so many people who are looking for the answer to all that they are going through won't pick up the Bible because it is too simple. Too many feel they have to pay for it and they do dearly, monetarily and spiritually. As Christians we should leave well enough alone any self help advise that doesn't include a relationship with Christ.

January 01 2015 Report

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