What makes Christianity unique?


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Shea S. Michael Houdmann Supporter Got Questions Ministries
Is Christianity really unique, or is it just one of many roads on the path to Truth? Is Christianity truly unique among the many religions around the world? If it is, what makes it so? Unique among...

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Hand to hand combat Michael Brown President of Senior Citizen Ministry Hopewell Baptist Church
The biggest difference between Christianity & other religions is the FACT that we worship a living God (Joshua 3:10, Hebrews 3:12). Other religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, even Islam worship someone who lived once but is now dead or they worship idols. Other religions worship a memory. Christianity worships the living, loving Christ. 

The other religions also set a standard that the people have to reach up to in order to get to paradise. God wants a relationship with man so He reaches down to mankind. He washes us in the blood of His Son to give make us righteous in His sight. Other religions have a list of do’s and don’ts. If you don’t do all of the things required you will not get to this paradise after death. God gave us a guide in the Holy Bible. Only one Man has ever lived in perfect obedience to the Word. Everyone else has fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). 

Christians believe that Jesus Christ is the bridge over the gap between God & man. Our living God desires man to be forgiven of his shortcomings (1 John 1:9). He wants mankind to be with Him so much that he sacrificed the life of His perfect Son so that we may have redemption (John 3:16, Romans 6:23).

Christians serve a LIVING God and not someone who lived long ago.

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Mini Al Mari Private practice as a cardiovascular & thoracic surgeon
It is unique because of one vision: the new creation, the kingdom of God.

In Genesis, after non-living things like the planets were created, the plant kingdom was created, then the animal kingdom, all following the law of Genetics to beget "after their own kind". 

But afterwards, God said, "let us make man after our image". 

What was being created was not a " human kingdom" but a God-kingdom, meaning "like us"(God). 

To be like him is not "by works" as Adam wrongly did by "eating the fruit" and was driven off the Garden of Eden, and not allowed to "eat the fruit from the tree of life". 

Same was the fate of Nimrod who liked to "reach" into God via Tower of Babel, the successive kingdoms from the "image of Nebuchadnezzar", till the 12 toes that also were destroyed and taken over by the "stone" that field the whole earth. 

God was not creating a human kingdom and did not like to from Genesis.

However, the creation of this "God-kingdom" started only with "an image", i.e., a template, a temporary "mold" to continue to work on until the "final product" is finished. 

What God/YHVH/Jesus has started, He will finish. He is the "Alpha and the Omega", the "beginner and finisher" of our faith. 

A template is a "temple" that God himself can "dwell into " as he does not " dwell in temples made by (human) hands.

The " tent", "tabernacle" " 2 temples in Jerusalem were types of the "true temple" that God will eventually dwell into "by the Spirit". 

This Spirit, however will not be sent until after the resurrection of the man-Jesus. 

His death was imputed to mankind as penalty for sin of Adam in Genesis. 

But we "are saved by his life", i.e., after his resurrection, would only the Spirit be sent. 

This occurred in Pentecost and since then this Spirit has been getting into the "firstfruits" for development into the "body of Christ". 

We are being "transformed" spiritually but our bodies will be changed from mortality to immortality. 

We will be in Christ, our Elder Brother and Head of the Church, and together be "higher than angelic-kind", like man-Jesus as incarnate was lower than angels, but now higher than them.

The preceding makes Christianity unique with a foundational basis on the Rock, Jesus Christ. As a creator, Word in John 1:1, Jesus as YHVH created all. Now, he is creating his family, a "new creation", all under the Father but in the same "kingdom of God".

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Mini Kenneth Heck
Adding to the above answers, Christianity is also unique because it has the highest moral standard of any known religion. The rewards for this standard found in the book of Revelation are also unique, such as a crown of life for those who overcome (Rev 2:10) and sitting with Christ on his throne (Rev 3: 21). No other religion grants authority over its members as a reward for outstanding obedience. As a unique spirituality, Christianity might be called the Royal Religion for its objective in creating both a royal kingship and a royal priesthood.

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Data Judith Tungwarara former pa secretary, hair stylist, Pastor!
Let me be short and straight to the answer. For me what makes a Christian unique is to follow Jesus's advice in Mark 11:22 and to "have faith in God".

When a believer chooses to live by that short, yet very powerful statement, I think his or her life will always be a wonder to many.

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1472669093 Ike Kalu
John 3 : 16 gives the summary of the uniqueness of Christianity (those who are like Christ). "For God So Loved The World That He Gave His One And Only Son, That Who So Ever Believes In Him Shall Not Perish But, Have Eternal Life!" This is the summary of the uniqueness of Christainity as the complete and whole sacrifice is made by God to Man in Jesus Christ!

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Mini Marvin Reynolds Retired Chaplain U.S. Army Hospital
Resurrection of Jesus. Testified by the shroud of Terran in Italy! Recorded in the Bible and noted in Roman doctrines we have found..

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Mini Paul Gerardi Engineer, Student of the Word - living and written
What makes Christianity unique?
2 things, especially:

In ALL other religions, you have to save yourself (or work somehow to improve, elevate, become, or attain deity)
In Christianity, God gave Himself - in the person of the Son, Jesus - to save you (and through Jesus, makes you righteous and welcomes you into the family)

In ALL other religions, you lay down your life for your god.
In Christianity, God laid down His life for you.

And that makes ALL the difference.

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Mini Billy P Eldred
The thing that makes Christianity unique? It is the no ONLY way to get eternal life!

You next question would be “Can’t any religion make that same claim?” My answer is that yes they can and some do, however, none can offer you the proof that Christianity can. 

First Jesus said as reported by witnesses “I am The Way, The Truth and The Life! No one comes to the Father except through Me!” This was recorded in the Bible which though written be various people over 2000 years ago and even though it has been a death sentence to even have one in your possession at times in history, today is still the most read and top selling book in history. Nothing else comes close. That in itself testifies to the supernatural essence of it. Further evidence is that there were hundreds of prophesies written in it hundreds of years earlier that were fulfilled in the life of Jesus and not one that has ever been false! No other writings in history can offer that same testimony. 

There are many proofs outside of the Bible that also testify of Jesus. (If you want to discover more, I suggest you read “The Signature of God” by Grant Jeffries)

Furthermore, there are many instances recorded in the Bible that allude to scientific knowledge that was not discovered until hundreds of years later. As well as historical happenings written down hundreds of years before they occurred. 

And the most important evidence of all is the personal testimonies of millions of Christians about what Jesus Christ has done in their lives even though He was executed over 2000 years ago. How is this possible? Because He has done the most unique thing of any contender or pretender for your belief. He was resurrected to life as witnessed by many who have testified on His behalf! And as evidenced by these testimonies is STILL ALIVE TODAY! I am one who can personally testify that I have experienced a number of things in my own life that are unexplainable other than through His supernatural presence. I have shared some of those on this venue. 

Finally, I feel confident that if you do accept that Jesus is unique and worthy to believe in and desire to have your own relationship with him, then He will respond to you in a way to remove any doubt you might have. You too can find eternal life!

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