Why is faith in the existence of God so much more important than knowledge of the existence of God?


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Mini Albert Perkic
Knowledge (by itself) is only intellectual, that is, it presents a fact to be considered. 

Whereas true biblical faith is experiential. 

Contrary to worldly belief, faith in God is not just a mere proposition.

In the Greek, the word faith is 'pistis' which means to convince or persuade. In other words you believe because you have reached a conclusion based on the evidence.

The bible says 'Now FAITH IS the substance of things hoped for, THE EVIDENCE of things not seen'. Hebrew 11:1

Through faith the transaction of salvation is brought to us personally. We give ourselves to God and we receive the many blessings He desires to give us, including the Holy Spirit.

'Therefore having been JUSTIFIED BY FAITH, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom also we have ACCESS BY FAITH, into this grace in which we stand and rejoice in hope of the glory of God'. Romans 5:1-2

The faith the bible talks about is akin to trust, for example when Abraham offered his son Isaac on the altar. He didn't only have an intellectual knowledge of God, he knew God personally.

He KNEW that God could raise isaac up from the dead if He chose to.

His faith was based on love and trust, in other words it was relational, so it can be with us.

'But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him'. Hebrew 11:6

Faith is the vehicle through which we are saved and have a living relationship with the One who gave His life for us at Calvary.

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Stringio Steve VanDyke Director, Community Servants Missions Training School, TN
The difference between knowledge and faith in the existence of God is that simply knowing that God exists and not acting on it, is the same as rejecting God. Faith in God means that you trust him, you put your life in His hands and submit to His direction for your life. 

Most people desire to worship something. We desire to love and honor something greater than us. The enemy has twisted the meanings and importance of many things in the world to distract us from worshiping God- money, sex, electronics, career, sports -even family, can distract us from making God our focus. That doesn't mean we ignore the other things, as they are good things, and important things that God created for us to live and enjoy life, but they were never meant to occupy our lives in place of love for God. We are to appreciate them more because God has provided us with them.

Romans 1:21-23- knowing God, they rejected Him. People reject God, even though they know he exists. Having faith in God's existence means that you trust him with your life over all other things, giving up your own control and living in God's will.

Just knowing about God is not enough. Romans 1:18-20- we are without excuse. Everyone has proof that God exists. People become foolish when they make excuses during their lives so they do not feel convicted, and they deny that God will judge them one day. But people know in their hearts that God exists from what they have seen of His creation.

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Mini Joseph Brino
Faith is not believing in the existence of God. Many people believe in the existence of God but don't have saving faith. Faith is believing what God says to us through the scriptures. Abraham believed in God's existence for many years but was considered righteous by God when he believed God's promises in Genesis Chapter 15. Believing facts about God are good things, but salvation is believing what the Bible says about us, that all of us have sinned and deserve to go to hell but that we can be saved by the free gift of salvation through Jesus.

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Palace Alan Lye Eternal life- know the only true God & His son Jesus Christ
Faith and knowledge are not contradictory. This is what the atheists claim about Christianity and other religions, that our faith is 'blind faith'. 

Yet the great chapter on faith in Hebrew 11 said in verse 3 that we 'understand' how the universe is created by his word out of nothing. Similarly, Rom 1: 19&20 said that we are without excuse for not knowing God by observing creation. In short, the Bible says we can know God by examining his handiwork in creation. Of course today we know that the universe has a beginning and anything that has a beginning must have a first cause and hence a creator. Lee Strobel's book 'The case for a Creator' is an excellent read on this.

The rest of Hebrew 11 & 12 described faith as a relationship with God. Only a relationship through hard times of trials & persecutions and victories will bring faith to experiential reality - just like a marriage.
So both knowledge and experience are equally important in building up faith in God's existence.

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Stringio Nick Pyen
Its not more important. Faith in the existence of God is nothing compared to faith in the Word of God. Believing in what God says. That God means what He says, and that all that He says is honest, true and trustworthy. Faith isn't supposed to be about God's existence, (although it may start there for the spiritually blind) its about the honor of God's name and character. In the garden of Eden, Satan didn't say to Eve, 'God doesn't exist, eat the apple.' No, Satan challenged the authority, accuracy and honesty of God's word, impugning God's character. I suspect an inherent mistrust of God is the intrinsic motivation behind the pride of attempting to reach heaven by human means, not trusting God's will to bring people into his Kingdom, or not trusting God's ability to do so. Faith means, 'God can and will do it for me because I can't' Lack of faith would then be, 'God can't/won't do it, so I will do it since I can.'

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