How do we understand "give us this day our daily bread" with "do not worry for tomorrow"?

When Jesus said, "Give us this day, our daily bread" and "...tomorrow will worry about itself", is He implying that we should not pray for the future? How do I understand this?

Matthew 6:11

NKJV - 11 Give us this day our daily bread.

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Mini mary h

Our daily bread is the word of God that feeds us and keeps his spirit in us alive opening our heart and mind. This is why we need it daily.

We shouldn't be looking ahead at day that hasn't come yet. Read Matthew 6 25:34

If I worry about another day, and if I need to pray about it, I add to my prayers "God willing" or "if God spares" (James 4:13) because we never know what the next day brings.

November 17 2014 Report

Mini vanessa pannuti

I agree with Mary, I think we should also remember that in the past the majority of people didn't have access to a Bible like us today, some of them were even unable to read; and so they had to rely on others to hear it.

December 14 2014 Report

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