What are some modern forms of idolatry?


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Stringio Dave eaves

Ms. Irion: your responses come across as highly judgemental. I assume you may be a Messiantic Jew...if so, then you too need to understand our Lord's instituting a "new" Covenant. As Christians we live under grace, not the "ceremonial" of Moses. However, if your conscience leads you to celebrate the Passover, then you can do that and still honor our Lord. DE

November 30 2014 Report

Mini James Kraft

Keeping a balance is almost impossible with out the grace of God working in us. The bible says if we do not provide for our family we are worse than an infidel. I believe that means both material and spiritual. God gives us material blessings for which we are to be thankfull for.

We can take pride in the fact that we do not buy the latest gadgets like our neighbor that buys a new car every year, and tell ourselves how righteous we are that we do not do that. It is still worshipping self.

There is no doubt that we over induldge in about everthing. God does give some people great wealth like He did Job. But, with great wealth comes more responsibility.

The problem comes with after attaining a little wealth we start depending on ourselves rather than on God. We tell ourselves that we have gotten gain with our own hands instead of realizing that God gave us the gifts that we have in order to do the Job He gave us.

After we have overcome all our sins pride and selfrighteousness come in and we thank God that we are not like other men.

Who will deliver us from this body of death. Jesus. Thank God He gave us His righteousness for us sinners that are saved by grace.

September 09 2015 Report

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