Micaiah Prophesies Against Ahab

1 Kings 22

13 The messenger who went to get Micaiah said, "The prophets have all said Yes to the king. Make it unanimous - vote Yes!" 14 But Micaiah said, "As surely as God lives, what God says, I'll say." 15 With Micaiah before him, the king asked him, "So Micaiah - do we attack Ramoth Gilead, or do we hold back?" "Go ahead," he said. "An easy victory. God's gift to the king." 16 "Not so fast," said the king. "How many times have I made you promise under oath to tell me the truth and nothing but the truth?" 17 "All right," said Micaiah, "since you insist.
I saw all of Israel scattered over the hills,
sheep with no shepherd.
Then God spoke: 'These poor people
have no one to tell them what to do.
Let them go home and do
the best they can for themselves.'"
18 Then the king of Israel turned to Jehoshaphat, "See! What did I tell you? He never has a good word for me from God, only doom." 19 Micaiah kept on: "I'm not done yet; listen to God's word:
I saw God enthroned,
and all the angel armies of heaven
Standing at attention
ranged on his right and his left.
And God said, 'How can we seduce Ahab
into attacking Ramoth Gilead?'
Some said this,
and some said that.
Then a bold angel stepped out,
stood before God, and said,
'I'll seduce him.'
'And how will you do it?' said God.
'Easy,' said the angel,
'I'll get all the prophets to lie.'
'That should do it,' said God.
'On your way - seduce him!'
"And that's what has happened. God filled the mouths of your puppet prophets with seductive lies. God has pronounced your doom."

24 Just then Zedekiah son of Kenaanah came up and punched Micaiah in the nose, saying, "Since when did the Spirit of God leave me and take up with you?" 25 Micaiah said, "You'll know soon enough; you'll know it when you're frantically and futilely looking for a place to hide." 26 The king of Israel had heard enough: "Get Micaiah out of here! Turn him over to Amon the city magistrate and to Joash the king's son with this message, 'King's orders: Lock him up in jail; keep him on bread and water until I'm back in one piece.'" 28 Micaiah said, "If you ever get back in one piece, I'm no prophet of God." He added,"When it happens, O people, remember where you heard it!"

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