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Yemlu Napoleon Ngafi


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Is it really true that ALL things are possible with God?

"With God, all things are possible " This is one of the most common...

Comment 2 More Answers 3 Votes Asked December 10 2019


How good do I have to be to enter heaven?

(By Yemlu Napoleon Ngafi, Student evangelist) Many people in the world keep...

1 Comments 3 More Answers 1 Vote Asked August 02 2019


With God, family and church in mind, how do you determine what it is to serve God and to serve the church?

Many people think that God's work is absolutely about church work such as...

Comment 1 More Answer Asked July 19 2019


How do I prepare to meet God? (Amos 4:12)

This probably is the most important question every mankind should think...

Comment Asked January 26 2019


What does it mean that God has granted us 'everything we need for life and godliness?'

Personally I think this verse is talking about the things that our God has...

1 Comments 2 More Answers 1 Vote Asked January 10 2019