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Albert DeBenedictis

Retired computer programmer
I worked for several businesses as a computer programmer. I became a Christian while taking a Billy Graham Bible Study course. When I was younger I believed that evolution was true, however, after doing much research I concluded that the universe could not have formed by natural means; that life could not have arisen by chemicals coming together. After I completed my research I wrote a book, entitled “Evolution or Creation? A Comparison of the Arguments” now in its third edition. My purpose in writing my book was to allow others who are struggling whether to believe evolution or creation is true, to be able to compare the arguments and decide for themselves what to believe.

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Why is "doing good" necessary to gain eternal life? (Romans 2:7)

No. We do not have to do works to go to gain eternal life. One obtains...

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How can we prevent our young people from losing faith?

As a child growing up in a Roman Catholic home, there was no Bible taught. As...

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Why is the science community so opposed to creationism?

Jeremiah Duncan states that “I believe God created the universe and...

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How does creationism vs. evolution impact how a person views the world?

I once believed that Darwinian evolution was true. Eventually, I felt that I...

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