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Tim Collinson

Tim Collinson
I am 53 years of age, I came to a saving knowledge of Yeshua back in 1975. Went through periods of walking with the Lord then like the prodigal son I wandered off and went my own way for about 16 years from 1996. 

Last year I was rushed into hospital with raging cellulitis and it was thought by the doctors that I would need to use crutches for a long time because my left leg was enflamed with clusters of small burning blisters. However I was not confident or steady with crutches so being stubborn I pushed through the pain and forced myself to walk. Being on loads of painkillers including morphine, I got to the point when I was at the bottom of the pit as it were.

Eventually after 10 days I was released... and still having to have regular bandaging every two days I was determined to take small walks to the shops. One afternoon I was thinking of the times of fellowship with other Christians and started to pray asking God to forgive me...a hunger for His Word started to develop again and also a longing to fellowship again.

From August 12th last year I started going to Calvary Chapel South London at St Peter's church in Brockley... and have been there ever since. CCSL now
meets at the LCM (London City Mission) Building in Lewisham.

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