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Kevin Honeycutt

Servant of Jesus Christ
A former wretched soul but now a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. I go out and preach the Gospel on the Highways, city streets. I study the Bible to find myself approved. I have believed in Jesus Christ since I was a child and lost my way later after being disappointed in denominational "churches" and left. I started reading the Bible again and found it easy to understand without the denominational doctrine or hand books added to it.  I obeyed the Gospel in October of 2002. I am always happy to study with anyone and to give an Biblical answer.
                                                                   Yours in Christ, Kevin

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How is the Islamic idea of jihad different from the violence in the Bible?

The Koran 22:19, Koran 9:123 tells them to kill. We as Christians are told to...

Comment 3 More Answers 1 Vote Asked May 03 2019


Does Mark 16:16 teach that baptism is necessary for salvation?

Yes, baptism in water is part of obeying the Gospel. We must follow what the...

19 Comments 10 More Answers 2 Votes Asked May 03 2019


What is the purpose of the thousand-year reign of Christ?

You have to go outside of the Bible to get the "1,000 year reign", it was not...

1 Comments 8 More Answers Asked April 29 2019


How can I guarantee my eternal destination (heaven)?

You can be assure by doing what the Apostles told everyone when they asked...

Comment 7 More Answers Asked April 04 2019


If I believe in the trinity and that Jesus was crucified, buried and rose again is that enough to get into heaven?

Let us look at what the Apostles told everyone the must do to be saved, Hear-...

Comment 3 More Answers Asked March 29 2019


How do I open the door of my heart to let Jesus in?

Let us look at what the Apostles told everyone the must do to be saved, Hear-...

Comment 1 More Answer 2 Votes Asked March 22 2019


What is the true gospel?

The Biblical Gospel as given by the Apostles, Hear- Romans10:17, Matthew...

Comment 7 More Answers 1 Vote Asked March 12 2019


Who else was on earth, when Cain talked about other people?

In Genesis 1:26, God speaks man (male and female) into being. God spoke...

2 Comments 2 More Answers 1 Vote Asked February 08 2019


How good do I have to be to enter heaven?

You cannot live a good enough to earn salvation, you must obey the Gospel as...

9 Comments 3 More Answers 1 Vote Asked January 26 2019


What is the prayer of salvation?

No one is told to say a prayer or believe only. Here is what the Apostles...

2 Comments 5 More Answers Asked January 24 2019


What is the meaning of the Parable of the Wedding Feast?

This is a man not in proper "wedding clothing" and is removed from the...

Comment 3 More Answers Asked December 14 2018


What does the Bible say about a death bed conversion?

You cannot have "death bed salvation" because the Scripture says you must...

1 Comments 4 More Answers Asked June 03 2018


What does it mean that Christians are not of this world?

The word for church in the Bible, means "the called out of the world". It is...

Comment 2 More Answers 1 Vote Asked December 09 2017


Where in the Bible is the indisputable statement that says Jesus is God?

In Philippians Jesus has to humble himself from God to man, since sin cannot...

Comment 5 More Answers 2 Votes Asked November 24 2017


Why does Adam get blamed for the original sin and not Eve?

Here is what the Bible says, 1 Timothy 2:14 14 "And Adam was not deceived,...

Comment 2 More Answers Asked September 08 2017