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Lena Wms

Student @Christ Gospel Church, S.S.Teacher, Observer
Confessing the Lord Jesus to save me. Rom 10:9. I attend Christ Gospel Church, Inc.  An Inter-Non Denominational Pentecostal Holiness Church, World wide, that promotes the 16 Statements of Fundamental Truths. We love Jesus with all our hearts minds, souls and with all our strength! It is through my Church, my Pastor, and Founder that I have learned most of the Biblical Truths in my heart. To God Be All the Glory! I am most grateful. 

I love to think of myself as Pentecostal10. That is to the 10th power! I just feel if you can blow up a pig skin and scream for three hours about someone running it up and down a field, please tell me why I can't get just a little excited because of Jesus Christ inside of me? Or that He has/is  changing my life and the fact that Jesus is soon to COME BACK FOR ME?

For more info about my Church, please visit the following website:

Be Blessed

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Is it really possible for Christians to do greater works than Jesus?

The question, "What did Jesus mean by 'Greater Works,'?" has been merged with...

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Are African traditional weddings acceptable to God?

My dear Brother in Christ, This question tickled me. Not because I am making...

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What did it mean for the adulteress to have her 'belly swell' and 'thigh rot away' in Num 5:27?

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Why did Joseph shave before standing before Pharaoh when it was Jewish practice to keep a beard?

First, I must start with this disclaimer, I have never heard a teaching on...

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What is the "crown of glory" in Proverbs 4:9?

I am assuming this is wisdom, from Proverbs 4:7, though it could be...

Proverbs 4:9

9 She shall give to thine head an ornament of grace: a crown of glory shall she deliver to thee.

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As a born again Christian, will I have a guardian angel to be with me during death?

As a "lay person" {meaning I am not an ordained minister} I have had the...

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What does it mean that the righteous will live by faith?

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Prayfully consider the following: In the New...

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How can a woman experience healing and recovery after an abortion?

I believe the answer to this question can be answered with the following...

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What to do if you feel like you've "lost your fire" for God?

i would expect that this question has plagued believers since Abraham. Even...

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Why do some Christians believe that there are no such things as accidents?

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What does the Bible say about professionalism?

The word "Professionalism" does not appear in the Bible. However, there are...

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How do we know the difference between God's conviction vs. our own anxiety beating ourselves for something?

Dear Sister in Christ, I believe this question can be answered with a session...

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What does the Bible say about restoration of a believer who has sinned after his/her conversion?

Dear Brother or Sister in Christ, I would like to remind you that God's Word...

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What does it mean that the foolishness and weakness of God are wiser and stronger than men?

Thank you so much for bringing this Wonderful Scripture to the table for...

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What are God's promises to a backslider that repents?

This question reminds me of the Prodigal Son. At one time in his life he...

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