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Lynne Marie Wallace

homemaker, self employed, Mom of 5
I was raised Roman Catholic and went to catholic school for 12 years.  My Dad came from a very large, very catholic family and my Mom converted when they married.  In college (state universities) I tried to maintain my religious faith but majored in science . I believed in evolution and thought it was incompatible with faith in God.  After college  I relocated to New England from the Midwest.   I was married and when our son was 1 , my husband and I became serious about church (his main line denominational church) and through a M.O.M.S. group at an evangelical church I accepted the Lord  3 years later.  In the 26 years since then I've studied to find truth re: creation vs. evolution, the origins of catholicism and other religions compared to Christianity, Messianic Judaism, witnessing to Jewish people, and most recently the fulfillment of Bible prophecy today, and the timing of the rapture.  I have many favorite Bible teachers from radio and Christian television, such as Chuck Missler, John Macarthur, David Jeremiah, Harold Wilmington,  R.C. Sproul,  Zola Levitt & their associated ministries and I'm fascinated with the work of L.A.Marzulli and Thomas Horn. My husband Robb has a gift for memorizing Scripture while riding his exercise bike.  :o)

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When is the Rapture going to occur in relation to the Tribulation?

Despite the popularity of the pre trib rapture theory, in my studies of this...

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