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brad emerson

Dad, carpenter,homemaker,passionate and looking for truth
Hi, I'm 48. I have 4 children. Been divorced for 8 years. My children are 29,27,22 and 17. I worked as a carpenter most of my life. I'm a die cutting tech now working for a wonderful company, going on 4 years! My how time flies! I was not raised in a religious setting. The Lord chose me in 1997. I joined a wonderful, freshly planted church,was baptized and loved the Lord. After about 3 years my wife and I began to have problems and eventually divorced. Sad, sad time for me. I finished raising our youngest two on my own. Fell away from my church, not the people but the Sunday meetings. God is still with me though! In the past three years or so I have invited Jehovah's  Witnesses into my house for Bible discussions. I was curious. Always wondered what these pleasant people believed about scripture. I now know. Well anyhow here I am today. One boy a senior in high school. going to be an empty nester soon. wondering where to go from here. I just happen to come upon E Bible and I feel this site is unique, it's easy to navigate, important to me, and hope your sharing with me and myself with you will be of benefit to us both! God willing! I'm excited to see where this endeavor leads me. Thanks be to God and to you for having me. I have many questions!

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