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Vattachal-Vadakketil Thomas John alias V T John

Rtd Joint.Registrar of Co-operative Societies, Kerala. India
I am a member of the Syriac Orthodox Church under the Patriarch of Antioch & All the East belonging to Kerala, India. My field of interest is Holy Bible and Syriac Orthodoxy.including liturgy . I know Malayalam and  English and have some knowledge in Hindi and West Syriac. My date of birth is 11.04.1939.After having graduated in Physics in 1959   I joined Kerala Govt.Service and retired on 30.4.1994 after 35 years of service under Government. I read the E.periodicals, Malankara World Journal, SOCM Journal, eBible, Got Questions Org,  Y.Jesus, St.Adday's JSO Church eJournal  and Facebook apart from the printed Malayala Mnorama Daily, Atmadeepam,     St Paul's  Mission Voice and I interact with all these e.journals and printed journals. Sans these I am leading a fully  retired life but I regularly attend the church service in my St.Adday's JSO Church, Nalunnakal. 

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What does the Bible say about jealousy?

The word 'jealousy' has another meaning as well, as is clear from the...

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What is eternal death?

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What is the origin of the different ethnicities among the human race?

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Does the virgin Mary have a holy spirit as it says in the Nicene Creed?

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Should wine or grape juice be used for communion?

As per the age-old practice obtaining in the Syriac Orthodox Church leavened...

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What is the key to witnessing to Jehovah's Witnesses?

I am a Christian and a firm believer in the Holy Trinity. But some references...

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Are angels male or female?

Malakh in Arabic is Maalaakho in Syriac which means an angel. In the vision...

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