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Suzanne Kozial

Retired critical care Nurse, 1 son, married 21yrs
I was reborn at 16 but it has taken many more years to truly grow in my Christian faith. I was raised Catholic but I'm looking for a good Bible based congregation to call "home". I feel that considering all that's happening in the world right now, everyone needs to find the saving grace of Jesus Christ. More and more prophecies are coming to fruition daily. I feel that the message really needs to get out the people! I would love to become a Christian Minister but my only drawback is this disabling, debilitating, "bone killing" disease I have.  It's difficult to make commitments when you never know which bone will break next! Beyond that, I have one son, a research scientist, a wonderful husband, who is an electrician, and a German Shepard dog named Bear. I am so happy to have found ebible, it really answers all of my questions, even those I didn't know I had!

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