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Judy Jentz

Christian, Lay Person Who Studys God's Living Word
I had a lot of anger and hate in me, as well as depression, due to what I went through as a kid. I met and married my husband and because he had been more of a church goer than myself, I changed from Catholic to Lutheran (WELS). I learned a lot of the differences and would not be Catholic again.

When I reached the age of 32, it was like a heavy weight was taken off me. I lost all hatred and anger which was within me. I believe it was the Holy Spirit that did this.

It was about 10 years ago a strong desire came over me to study God's Word, and I wanted to study it in a way that I would understand it. I ordered DVD set from a Theologian and went through many Books of the Bible that way. But 11 months ago I wanted to read it from beginning to end myself. So I did.

It has come to be the best thing I have ever done for myself and I wish I would have done it earlier in my life. My faith is stronger, my love for God is stronger, my love for Jesus and the Holy Spirit is stronger. I understand so much more, learned a lot, and have so much more to learn. It is my greatest joy in life; God and everything about Him. I am so happy to be one of His children and I look forward to Heaven.

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Does God killing people make Him a murderer?

We must remember that this world and everything in it is God's. He created it...

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What are the most conservative Lutheran denominations in America?

WELS- Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod is conservative. Very!

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What does the Bible say about our good works leading to success?

Our good deeds or works are a grateful response to what God has done. They...

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What is "saving faith"?

Our good deeds are a grateful response to what God has done. They are not a...

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Why are there so many fake Christians?

I just read a book called, "God Has a Wonderful Plan For You-The Myth of the...

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If we are saved by faith in Jesus, will we still be judged by our deeds or works?

When I first began my journey of studying the Bible I was afraid I would not...

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How can I follow Christ as a teenager in a non-believing family and honor my parents?

What Adam says is really good, but you sure are in a tough spot. You make it...

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What does God mean by "let's confuse them"?

One language in the world, The building of Babel. (1-4) The confusion of...

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How does one's desires play in to the will of God?

God desires for us to have Heavenly desires and not desires of the flesh....

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What does first fruit mean in Proverbs 3:9?

First fruit is a term used to describe the first fruit of the first harvest....

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What is 2 Corinthians 12:2 about?

Verse 2. - I knew; rather, I know. A man. St. Paul speaks in this indirect...

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What did James mean he said to be doers of the word, and not hearers only?

Also, anyone can hear God's Word and anyone can believe in God. But even the...

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What will we be doing in heaven?

We will be serving God, each to His own duty of service appointed. I believe...

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What is the purpose of the thousand-year reign of Christ?

I have contradictory commentary to this 1000 year reign of Christ. My church...

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