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Tony Flores

Tony Flores a servant of Jesus Christ
I was brought up in many denominations and heard a lot of theology.  I have reviewed my life since birth and have seen all the miricles and all the protection that God bestowed on me.  I can only say  "Lord, use me as your servant".  Let the Holy Spirit teach me all things so that I can do God's Will. I have learned that with out God, life is an empty lonely place with out the lovely Light of God. DFW, TX

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Are we predestined to know Christ?

God is Alpha and Omega, He knows everything that ever was, is and will be. He...

Comment 20 More Answers 8 Votes Asked June 18 2015


Is the Holy Spirit a male or female?

This answer should be put in the same category as "Who is God". The Holy...

1 Comments 1 More Answer 4 Votes Asked June 12 2015


How should a Christian view prayer in public schools?

All through the Bible, God told His chosen people not to give their daughters...

2 Comments 1 More Answer 4 Votes Asked June 11 2015


Why are so many evangelical Christian leaders caught in scandals?

The reason that a lot of evangelical Christians are caught in scandals is...

Comment 4 More Answers Asked June 09 2015


What is the theory of the 'rapture' of the church?

 There are five different views of the Rapture. The different views lie in...

Comment 6 More Answers 7 Votes Asked June 06 2015


What is the greatest sin?

The greatest sin is not accepting the free gift of eternal life with Jesus...

Comment 2 More Answers 8 Votes Asked May 17 2015


What happens at the final judgment?

The Great White Throne judgement, where sinners stand in the presence of God,...

1 Comments 3 More Answers 6 Votes Asked May 12 2015


What is the penalty for sin?

The penalty for sin is eternal death if you do not believe in Jesus Christ...

Comment 1 More Answer Asked May 11 2015


What can one do to prove one is a servant of God?

There is nothing that we can do to prove that we are a servant of God. God...

Comment 1 More Answer 3 Votes Asked May 09 2015


Is it wrong to question God?

Many Godly people have question God through the ages. Some like David and...

Comment 6 More Answers 2 Votes Asked April 25 2015


Did God die? If Jesus was God, and Jesus died on the cross, does that mean God died?

In order to understand this very deep subject, we need the Holy Spirit to...

Comment 10 More Answers Asked March 14 2015


Why is living together before marriage considered living in sin?

Our God is a Holy, Holy, Holy God. God cannot tolerate sin and that is why He...

Comment 4 More Answers 5 Votes Asked March 13 2015


Why is it so difficult to live for God?

One of the reasons why we find it hard to live for God is that none of us can...

Comment 2 More Answers 1 Vote Asked March 07 2015


Does God still speak to us today?

I agree with With Michael but want to add that after Jesus assended to...

Comment 5 More Answers 6 Votes Asked February 21 2015


Were the Ten Commandments written for a specific people or group?

The 10 Commandments were given to Moses for the Israelites when they were...

Comment 4 More Answers Asked February 19 2015