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Joseph Spahn

Hello, my name is Joseph Spahn, Retired engineer 69 yrs old
I retired several years ago, and have been a Born again Christian for about 25 years. I attend a non-denominational church. Being retired I have a lot of time to study the bible, and prefer the New King James version. I am very pleased to have joined eBible. I look forward to answering what questions I may be qualified for and  asking as well. I know I have a lot to learn myself.

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Did Jesus have a tattoo?

The way I understand it, is He will be wearing His Prayer Shall, and the...

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Is it possible to completely stop sinning at all?

When Adam and Eve sinned in the garden of Eden, all humans took on sin...

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Who wrote the second set of the ten commandment tablets, God or Moses?

When Moses broke the original tablets, which were formed by God, The Lord had...

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What did Jesus mean when He said "let this cup pass from Me"?

I believe that, the cup he did not want to drink was when the Father turned...

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