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Shanna Duck

"Let a search be made in the royal archives..." Ezra 5:17 NIV
*Firstly, I'm a Wife & Mom. That's my primary God-given calling. 

*Home-school teacher

*Former Museum Curator & Archivist- so I often present the "historical" side of our Faith.  It's amazing how many people don't connect the history they learned in school with the "history" found in the Bible.  Some adult Christians even think the Bible is a like mythology or a fairy tale. 

*Farm Manager- I often find myself interpreting agrarian practices, livestock, and technology to 21st century people

*Amateur Apologist- Okay, I got really excited when I found the Christian Classics Ethereal Library on the internet. 

So what's a conservative woman even doing in amateur apologetics? 

As a child, I had many "hard" questions and much confusion about what I read in the Bible. Honestly, parts of it didn't seem to make sense (because no one ever taught me HOW to read the Bible), but no one, not even pastors, could often answer my queries. I was in my late 20s, I guess, before I began to realize that there WERE educated people who had some very real and logical answers. 

I have a mild chronic illness that prevents me from being physically active a lot, and a natural historical/academic bent, and this is where God has led. 

God has placed within me a strong desire to: 
*Encourage & strengthen others with the message that there is both logic and historical truth in the Scriptures
*Give young people a more solid spiritual training than what I received (although mine was actually pretty good)
*Encourage Christian women to be wise, and to learn at least some basic theology.  Children absorb a LOT of vocabulary, attitudes, and knowledge from their mothers. A foolish woman can drag her children down; a wise woman can answer her children's intellectual questions and, by her own life, teach them to trust (emotionally) and lean on our Savior. 

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