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Michael Davis

Former Baptist Pastor now Catholic, lover of the poor
I was raised as a Baptist. For many years I was a Southern Baptist pastor. I came to Christ my senior year of high school after a long period of hating God. After obtaining my theology degree I married my wife Angela. We served together for many years. In 2007 we became full time advocates for the homeless, visiting them, journeying with them and mobilizing churches in Portland, Oregon to serve their homeless neighbors. In 2015 we entered the Catholic Church in our continued journey with our Lord Jesus Christ. 

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Why should I (a Mormon) consider becoming a Christian?

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What is the correct interpretation of John 20:23?

None of what I say here will be my opinion. I am a human with a sin nature...

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What is the meaning of the Parable of the Sheep and Goats?

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Do Catholics worship idols / practice idolatry?

I am a Catholic. And the honest answer is Yes, Catholics are guilty of...

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