Why are many Christians so resentful and critical of Church leaders such as; pastors, teachers, prophets, and apostles today than ever before?

Is the resentfulness simply rebellion or simply a response to the "mismanagement" of Church affairs?

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It is indeed true that many Christians are so resentful of many Church leaders than ever before. Is this situation simply rebellion, or it is out of how Church leaders have mismanaged Church affairs? It could be both.


Rebellion is open resistance to an authority. Many Christians have differed from Church leaders on this front basing on reasons foretold in scripture by prophecy. For in Mat 24:12, Jesus foretells that the love of many shall wax cold. Many Christians no longer have the fear of God as used to be. Everybody will find a carnal reason for doing or not doing something. How an Evangelist is attacked by anybody may not necessarily be directly aimed at him, for you will find that more often than not, it is directed at his Master who is God. The loss of love for God therefore will automatically translate into hate aimed at both; God and His servant. Such hate though is not measured as the hate which comes from a pagan, it is not publicly declared, but inside an individual, it is boiling.

A Christian who turns this way, will not leave Church, but will become more and more resentful of the Church and its leaders. He becomes unnecessarily critical of every Church program. But if you critically examined this scenario, you will find that such a Christian is equally facing struggles in his spiritual life. Now, the perceived failure in the spiritual realm, is turned to mean the failure of the Church and its leadership to get one out of such a defeating situation. The resultant fact is for the love for God to whither. It causes one to withdraw from Church affairs in terms of constructive and positive contribution, to holding the Church and its leadership in negativity. Such will result into rebellion, though not directly to say it is, yet Biblically and spiritually it is. So to resent or hold in critical terms a Church leader may not necessarily be that, for it could speak volumes about the involved party. Serious spiritual challenges.

Mismanagement of Church affairs

Much as the above is true, it is also pretty true that many other Christians have gotten into this situation for reasons emanating from the Church leadership itself (mismanagement of Church affairs). For we are in an age where many simply love to be known as pastors, prophets, teachers, preachers for only selfish reasons. They only intend to be exploitative of the flock. For their philosophy is; it is not me for the flock, it is the flock for me. Jesus explained to us who a good shepherd must be (John 10:11). A good shepherd will lay down his life for the sheep. He will be there for the sheep and not the sheep for him. When the sheep is attacked, a good shepherd will be there to protect it, for he will not flee in the face of danger. Yet many pastors do exactly this. They are only a friend if it benefits them. They manipulate the sheep so they financially benefit from them. They go on to categorize who benefits them more and they will always avail themselves for that matter. Church finances are poorly managed with no remorse at all.

The prophets go on to falsify prophecies to get a way to benefit. For they will not tell a prophecy just as it has been passed on to them. Prophecies too therefore are being manipulated.

The teachers are teaching doctrines that are only aimed at enslaving the followers. Doctrines only aimed at benefiting individuals other than executing the work of God. Everybody is rushing to be called a pastor because this is the perceived easiest passage. For in the olden Bible days, to be a pastor or apostle was never out of wish, for it was a calling to be shared with others.

With these revelations, many Christians will carry on to resent the Church and its leadership. For in John 14:1-2, Jesus tells us to trust in God and Him alone, but you realize that we have different levels of faith. Such scenarios have therefore led many Christians to resent Church leaders and unnecessarily become critical of them. It is thus both ways.

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