What does it mean that God is not mocked?


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Shea S. Michael Houdmann Supporter Got Questions Ministries
To mock God is to disrespect, dishonor, or ignore Him. It is a serious offense committed by those who have no fear of God or who deny His existence. The most easily recognized form of mockery is di...

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Mini James Kraft 74 year old retired pipeline worker
Another way we can mock God is to take His place and twist scripture to make it mean something that God never intended. The liberals do this with homosexuality and say it is not relevent anymore because people are born that way. We are all born sinners, but that does not make it right.

But the liberals are not the only ones that do this. Paul said that the leaders in the church should not be drinkers of MUCH wine. Some people think God made a mistake and He really meant no alcohol at all. So we play God and tell people the bible says No alcohol. We take questionable things and raise them to the level of God's law. Instead of moderation we teach abstinence. Never mind what God says.

We are to obey God rather than men. We say,"Well it is a principle of God's word." That may be, but it is not an absolute from God's word. If it was, Paul would have said no alcohol. 

We have far too many traditions of the fathers and doctrines of men being taught as dogma. I do not think God cares what we think but that He does not want His word corrupted. If it is a sin for you, don't do it, but you cannot put a yoke on anyone else. 

We have far too much of this in the church where we add our own extra-biblical interpretations to what God has already given us. If your doctrine cannot be supported by the light of God's word you cannot be dogmatic about it. We have many absolutes to follow without adding our own dogma.

I made a rule for myself years ago that I would go straight home from work to be with my family. I had my own reasons for this. But I never would put such a rule on anyone else. That would make my standard as high as God's standard and put others in bondage over something that God never intended.

Almost every church has a list of extra-biblical rules they go by and make them binding on everyone. If it is not clear from God's word then we better not teach it like it is. I just do not believe we can play God and make our own rules. To me that is mocking God. Of course the sheep are just as guilty because they don't read their bibles to see what it says. Now we are following a whole list of doctrines of men and traditions of the church.

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