What was the purpose of the Levitical Law?


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Ari Ariel HaNaviy

While perhaps not directly implied by the question, the following perspective on the Levitical Law pointing to Christ is nevertheless relevant for Jewish evangelism.

We know before Christ came that the Levitical Law pointed to Christ. I am of the opinion that it still does point to Christ, which is why I believe it is important for unsaved Jews to continue studying and doing what the Law says. God’s hands are not tied. His Word will not return to him void (Is. 55:11). By the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit), his Word is powerful (Heb. 4:12). Therefore, he likely still uses the Law and the Prophets to show them Messiah since many Jews may never have a desire to pick up a “New Testament.”

I know a few rabbis who have found Yeshua through studying and keeping the Torah only. You can imagine their joy once they start reading the Apostolic Writings (NT). Because the Law and the Prophets can lead specifically Jewish unbelievers to the Messiah, I think it is a misnomer for so many to imply that the Law “is done away with” simply because Jesus has already arrived and he has been accepted by millions of Christians down through history. The Bible is God’s Good News to mankind. This means it contains the powerful Gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone who believes, to the Jews as well as Gentiles (Rom. 1:16).

This is “good news” indeed!

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