What does the Bible say about work?


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Mini Joe Leo

Just my opinion, American culture has long been devoid of this invaluable principle. As Christians it our privilege to help those who cannot help themselves, as an American it is our curse to help those who simply won't.

March 21 2014 Report

Mini Steven Irenze

If you can work, it should be done. How can an able bodied person be productive and fruitful without work? In these days, it seems people are more inclined to let others work as they reap those rewards of the workers. Nowhere in the scriptures does Jesus say sit back and rest. If we work we are taxed, those taxes pave the way for the afflicted. They truly are the ones in need. The more you work, the more you tithe and contribute as scriptures instructs us. Be fruitful, and joyous by giving. You can do this by working.

May 11 2019 Report

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