What do I do while I wait for God to heal my marriage?

My husband and I need to talk out our problems, I want God to lead us, so how do I know what to say to my husband while I wait on God, in His time, to heal this? Do I try to discuss our issues, do I not say anything? I don't know what to do while I wait. I pray and pray daily about it and am reading my bible daily. 

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Mini Jackie Bell dietary aide
It is important that you keep on praying and reading your Bible on a daily basis. God will give the words and the questions you want to ask your husband. Communication in a marriage is vital and important for your marriage. I know this from experience myself because I went through it with my husband when we were struggling with our marriage. God will give you both the strength you need to work things out.

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Stringio Larry Pittman Bible student, reading His Word & seeking God diligently
Love your husband and continue doing what you're doing by prayer and reading. The best thing you can do for your marriage is to draw as close to Jesus as you can. We draw close to Jesus through reading His Word with a soft and open heart, continue praying and meeting with others that also love Jesus. Seek another woman that you know that loves Jesus more than you and see if you can meet with her on a regular basis. If you have no one to go to then ask God to bring someone to you. We absolutely need fellowship and God does not want you to endure this alone. So you need comfort as you endure this trying time. If you haven't figured it out already, you probably don't know how to love your husband or what to say to him at times. Pray that God gives you the love you need and the words for him. 

I am in a similar situation and my marriage is improving, praise God!. Jesus has helped us tremendously and although we are nowhere near the oneness that He desires, we have much more peace in our marriage and I have much more hope now than I did 3 years ago.

Don't expect this to happen quickly, but know that God has you right where He wants you as long as you continue to remain in Him. (John 15).

So keep reading, praying and spend time in regular fellowship with other ladies. God and His Holy Spirit will lead you accordingly. You need to trust in Him and He will not disappoint.

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Mini Kim Hunley
I'm going through this myself so I can share what God has given me. For three days my daily verse was about patience. God is not slow in the way we understand, but does not want anyone to perish! God does not want your marrage to perish! I am reminded daily that this is a spiritual battle! Good news! It's not your husband you are fighting!

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Mini Billy P Eldred
As I write this, there are no answers as yet listed. When there are, I am sure a Pastor or Theologian will give you a scripturally correct answer and I encourage you to follow their advice.

I hope this answer helps you to do that. 

First of all, continue to pray. I am sure you are praying for God to heal your marriage. I ask that you add this prayer to those prayers. Pray that God blesses your husband. Bless him, not change him. Depending on the troubles you face, that can be hard to do but it is very important, so please do so. It may take some time before you can mean it with all your heart, but continue to do so until you can. 

Secondly, do what you can to make yourself a better wife. It is hard for you to improve him as a better husband, so for now, leave that for God and work on what you can control yourself. 

One way to do that is to try to better understand and communicate with him. I recommend you get the book "The five Love Languages" by Gary Chapman. Read it and identify both your and his love language and try to put it in practice. He will see you trying to better understand him and that in itself will help. Then if he is receptive, get him to read it too. 

Finally, get others to pray for you too. And you keep praying and believing God will answer your prayers.

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Stringio Carrie West
I pray every day for God to take my husband. I place him in God's hands. I pray for God to help me let go and not be critical or question too much. Basically help me not to play Sherlock Holmes, but trust Him with my husband as He knows far better what my husband's thoughts are and his intents. 

I pray that God will help me be the wife I need to be whether my husband is being the husband he needs to be or not. I fail but I have done better since I've started praying this every day. Can't do it without Him!

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Data Bill Gillan Father of 4 and have an amazing wife

I don't know what the issues are, how they have arisen and from which side they have arisen. Jackie is right that you should keep on praying. I would like to add though what I feel you should pray is on the basis that you are both Christians. 

Pray that God would work in you to be the wife he has called you to be, ask that he search your heart and reveal to you anything that you are doing that may contribute to your issues in the marriage and if you need to change in some way.

Pray that God would deal with you and with your husband. 

It's God's job to change your husband, not yours. So pray that and trust that he will do. Whatever barriers your husband has put up ask God to reveal it to him and to you. 

Men and women think and react differently. As a husband and a man I struggle when I get it wrong. Men tend to be a matter of fact. No room for getting it wrong and when we do we feel a failure. This can range from not being a Godly husband to having a job that does not meet the family financial need to not being able to get away from work to go to the kids play at school. 

I'm not saying that wives do not struggle because you do and may feel failures as well. Husband comes home and no dinner on the table, the house is a mess and I have no boxers in my draw. 

A three cord strand is not easily broken so pray that the Holy Spirit will unite you together with him as the third strand.

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090704 John Warren
I am not sure if this qualifies as a duplicate answer or not. I want to put it in plain English so there can be no misunderstanding of my intended meaning. 

The first and most important thing you can do while waiting on the Lord to heal your marriage is to show your husband LOVE. Have nothing but good words for him. Should he do something that bothers you, keep it to yourself and say nothing hurtful. Do the nice things you know he likes, make his favorite meals (if you're the one who cooks), bring him a beer (if he drinks). 

I pray you understand what I mean by this. It is the best way to help your marriage. I only wish I had known this when I was still married to my daughter's mother.

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Mini Penny Doty Disabled forced into early retirement .
Please seek out your pastor, continue in prayer but get help from him/her they are trained and well informed in these areas, anyone can give advise, but your pastor will have the right answer and add prayer with it, remember were two or more are gathered then he to will be there. GOD bless you and your marriage it is very hard work at times but it gets better if you hang in there.

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Images 19 Lindiwe mpongo
Tough times will come but we need to stand firm and trust the Lord to change the situation. Nothing is impossible with the Lord. Time really heals. No need to be stressed, asking for inner peace from the Lord conquers all the wrong doings of both parties.

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