How much emphasis should be given to demonic deliverance in the Christian life?


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My opinion is as follows on this subject: A Christian cannot be possessed by a damen. However a demon can work through other people to effect you. An unsaved mate, even your children, people you work with, or folks at the supermarket.

For people that don't know Christ, the work of saten can rise up when it comes in contact with a Christian. They may say or react in a certain way. In many cases that is why a Christian may face persecution. Some believe rice, sage, holy water will protect you. I find no value in these remedies. Because of my website and outreach, I've had people try and contact me to harass me. What I do with these folks is go into intercessary prayer. Simply put I intercede on this persons behalf, in front of our Lord. I request that saten be bound and be ineffective against this person. I also ask the Lord of Host surround this person, so that the scales drop from his eyes and he can receive the Holy Spirit to lead the person to salvation. This a tremendous tool and it is quite effective. Fighting demonic influence is done on ones knees, not running around throwing rice or sage. When one grasps this concept and practices this you don't have to go looking for these people they will seek you out. Honestly these creatures are powerless, in the presence of Christ. I've been in situations where the evil is so thick, you could cut it with a knife, I rebuke it, and this evil presence. It must leave it is as simple as that. As for healing, Christ would rebuke the demon or evil spirit then command healing. We have a lot to learn on this subject. Thankyou

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