Are some sins worse than others?

For example, is breaking one of the ten commandments worse than other sins?

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Stringio daniel akinola

The Bible did not categorize sin. If you sin in one you sin in all.

September 26 2014 Report

Mini Edwin Danny Reaid

Any thing that does not glorify God is sin. Christ took the Ten Commandments from not only our actions (outwardly) but to even our thoughts reflecting the Heart (inwardly). My wife has been involved in a prison ministry with a number of other ladies from the church. One evening she came home and said, " I am always hearing the ladies I go with say I could never do that in regards to their crime (sin) but the more I truly understand my own true sin nature - I believe I am capable of anything that they have done."

September 28 2014 Report

Stringio Vincent Mercado

Obviously, yes. Stealing a million dollars is worse than stealing ten. Murder is definitely worse than stealing, since money cannot replace a life taken.

September 28 2014 Report

Mini Edwin Danny Reaid

We deal with crimes differently based on our classification of severity, but to God there is no big or little sin - just sin and it is an abomination. Many believe that man generally thinks that a good God will accept a generally good man for trying his best - No. Anything that does not glorify God is sin and we (all) fall short of His standard.

September 29 2014 Report

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