How long were Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden before the Fall?


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Mini paul thieman

Questions like these are interesting, but are they really important to growing
one's faith, will faith come from them? I believe we should depend on the Holy Spirit, and God's word, for revelation. He the Holy Spirit, is to be our
primary councilor with God's word. I have found a profound respect for God's word coming from a Jewish perspective. Shalom pray for their peace
and God's love to be revealed to them.

September 19 2014 Report

Mini Rafael Vazquez

The Bible states that Adam and Eve were created on day six, and then God rested on the seventh day. There is no record of Adam ever resting on the weekend after the sixth day of his creation nor the following week. There was no Sabbath rest record. The most Adam was in the Garden after he sinned, then hid, and was covered with animal skins was no more than a week.

September 20 2014 Report

Mini Rafael Vazquez

Hey, I agree wholeheartedly with Paul whether questions like these truly lend themselves for spiritual growth and edification. Who really knows what really happened in the Garden of Eden being that none of us were there? We can only judge by the text, and even at that, everyone has a different view. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but let's ask and answer questions about real life issues and how we can learn from each other's experiences, building each other up in the WORD of God. God bless.

September 21 2014 Report

Mini kareen gangell

I firmly believe that the world Eden and Adam and Eve were God's first creation - there was no period before that because evolution is an unprovable theory. We either believe the Word of God, or else, we believe none. I believe the bible is the factual account of our history, regardless of what interpretation we put on it. God can do ALL things, after all.

Praise God that he is our creator and father in heaven, and that he has an amazing plan of redemption for mankind.

September 25 2014 Report

029 Ruth Deatley

In Genesis after the fall of Adam and Eve God told Eve that from then on childbearing would be painful. Does that indicate that they had children before the fall and that before the fall childbearing was not painful?

September 25 2014 Report

Mini Gabriel Vargas

Interesting argument.. but I can counter with.. when did they start counting?
Did they age at all while they were in the garden?
Do we have any idea how the laws of nature functioned within the garden?

We don't have clear cut answers to any of those questions.. We do know the bible says incest is wrong and if Adam and Eve were the ONLY two people on the planet that didn't leave their children much of an option to escape the quandary.

Perhaps they spent thousands of years in the garden while God created more people throughout the planet. All we know is that according the Genesis Adam and Eve were the first.. but it doesn't say that God just stopped with them.. and it doesn't say what God was doing at all times. We don't have enough details to say for sure one way or another.

September 14 2017 Report

Mini Kenneth Satcher

I think it's possible that Adam and Eve could have lived for a long period of time prior to the Fall. I guess that would mean they had lots of children during this period as well. However, why wouldn't scripture have mentioned those children? Why would it wait until after the Fall to mention children? I can't think of any reason. But if they had lived for thousands or even millions of years before the Fall, this would bring answers to a lot of questions.

January 31 2018 Report

Mini Michael Lloyd

The time frame for walking with God before the fall, I want to use in learning and teaching faith. Did they have faith, and how long did it take for Satan to break their faith?

April 02 2019 Report

Img 20190425 052622 Billy Byrd

There is a book that is not scripture that has been told around the fire from generation to generation. Finally it was written out by an Egyptian many many years ago. We call this the book of Adam and Eve. It tells their story. Perhaps not totally accurate but it is probably close. In it, it says Adam was in the Garden Six hours. The question than is if 1000 years is as a day unto the Lord. How many of our years would it to equal six hour in Gods time line? Again the story of Adam and Eve was passed down from generation to generation until a man finally put it in writing. So it can't be substantiated as the Bible is but after reading it I believe it is has some truth in it. How does one sort it out? For that I have no real answer. Pray and seek and you will find. Knock and the door shall be open. This is how you can know...

June 01 2019 Report

Mini DAnielle Fekete

Since Jesus is called the second Adam as in he was born sinless and didn't sin. It is possible that his life reflects that of the first Adam in which Jesus lived a sinless life for about 33 years. The first and second Adam could be parallels in that way with 33 years in the garden.

July 22 2021 Report

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