Is it right to say; Righteousness is God and God is Righteousness?

For everything about God points to righteousness. He does everything by righteousness. We can only have a healthy relationship with Him when we are righteous. Could He be called righteousness Himself?

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For we know that righteousness is exclusively of God. Only God is righteous of Himself. Man can never be righteous of himself. Righteousness is only granted to man by God through Christ Jesus His Son (Romans 10:10).

By definition, righteousness is the mind of God. Righteousness is also obedience to God and His will. It is being in agreement with God. 

Now, there are two attributes why God is so and these are
Never predictable


God is so because He is righteous over and above anything that has been or can ever be. He is righteous and everything He does, He does so out of righteousness. There has never been or will ever be a point when God is not righteous. It is God’s character to be righteous. I can thus comfortably say; much as God is a person (for the Bible teaches He even has a heart (Hebrews 10:38), (Acts 13:22), righteousness is equally Himself because it is inseparable from Him.

Never predictable

Additionally, let also us discuss this, only for our better understanding, for it is all about God. God is God because He is never predictable. No one ever knows what God’s next move is going to be. Even when He tells us bits by prophecy, it still so happens that we may only know what will happen, but how it will happen, nobody knows. Even Jesus being in the flesh then, couldn’t tell God’s times, for we can only tell by the signs (Mark 13:32), (Matthew 24:36). As mortals, we only know what we have been told. Equally so, since the devil fell out of righteousness, he knows not when what will happen. He only knows it will.

One of the sources of man’s misunderstanding of God is the fact that man wants to be in a position where he is at level with God so that he can challenge Him on a range of issues. Such can never be. For in Genesis 3:5, the devil persuaded Eve that; for God knows that if you eat of this tree, you will be like Him, knowing good and bad. By doing this, the devil was setting man into a race with God. This is exactly what is happening today. The seed of the devil is in every man, except you let Christ into your life. Man thinks he can catch up with God. But it is just a thinking any way! The little knowledge God gave us to use to His glory, the devil has made us turn it into a weapon to be used to challenge God. The devil knows that if we do such, we are automatically set in a race with God. The devil clearly knows that we can't win such a race, but it is an opportunity for Him to lead us into his long term goal of having us finally destroyed (John 10:10). It is only self destruction.

Can God do anything minus righteousness?

God is righteous; He can't therefore do away with righteousness. For God is not influenced by any factor outside of Him when He says or does anything. In God, there is all righteousness. For it would be like one asking; can man be called so without human flesh? No, man can't be called so without human flesh because to qualify to be man, you must be in flesh. Out of flesh, you become something else. Equally so, God is so because He is righteousness. All spiritual strength is derived from righteousness (Isaiah 54:14). We can only win by being righteous through Jesus Christ.

Why does God emphasize Righteousness?

The only reason Jesus came is; that through Him, we can reacquire our right of righteousness which we had lost when Adam and Eve fell. Thus scripture in 2Corinthians 5:2 says; Jesus' righteousness has to be imputed on us. Why? So that we can go back in our original true image of God's righteousness. Righteousness reconnects us to God (Matthew 6:33), (Matthew 5:20), (1Peter 3:12), (Isaiah 61:3). Thus, God emphasizes righteousness because one of His attributes is righteousness. The entire environment in heaven is righteousness. Jesus came to fit us into this environment. 

It would therefore be very befitting to say God is righteousness and righteousness is God. The two (if at all they are two) are inseparable.

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